Perfected processes, to custom-make your marketing plan

We can’t predict the future, but we can future-proof your marketing plan for the changing modern world.

With so many marketing options out there, let's find the best fit for your business with my expert knowledge and a bit of time and testing, to adapt when the attention shifts.
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Choose your next marketing move

Complete Marketing Strategy

Whether you're new to business or it's simply time for a shakeup, we'll go through every aspect of your marketing with you and your team.

We'll refine your target audience, core messaging and brand before we work through each of your current and potential marketing platforms. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how to market your business and current offering strategically, with the tactics to get the ball rolling immediately.

Starting from $7,000 USD

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Strategy Intensive

We'll hone in on on one specific topic or platform in four 90 minute Zoom sessions, to create a strategy for you to implement and adapt over time. We work with your skill sets, who you may have on your team and what you have access to, to build the best strategy for you.

After the Intensive, you'll take charge of your marketing, with newfound confidence to boot!

$1,900 USD

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Marketing Coaching

You'll receive strategy, support and accountability as you market your business.

Each month, you'll implement new marketing methods and overcome new hurdles, with me by your side.

Packages start from $3,400 USD

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One on One

Strategy Support

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Strategies & Coaching

You have a team to do the work, but just need some strategy to lead you in the right direction.

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Done For You


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Get back to business

Delegate your marketing while you get back to the big stuff, like running your business or doing the things you love.

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Do It Yourself

Courses & Resources

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Do it yourself with support

Quit the endless Googling and trying to figure it out yourself. We've done half the work for you.

Book your discovery call with Emma

We’ll talk through any questions you have and figure out what your business needs right now. After the call, I’ll review everything we discussed and send you a tailored proposal for you to review in your own time.

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