Let's craft and evolve your marketing strategy

Together, we'll work to improve awareness about their brand, communicate with their audience and make more sales so they can better serve their community.
my approach

I love marketing that's...

Based on your customer
Conscious of your whole business
Tailored to your strengths
Sustainable for the long term

Feeling buried by marketing your business online?

What I love about digital marketing is that it’s all quantifiable, so it’s possible to identify exactly where you are losing people and fix it.

You’re good at what you do, so let’s tell more people about it!

Marketing can be overwhelming, let's find your secret sauce and help you deliver that to the world.

My promise to you

I strive for transparency, without the overwhelm, so you understand marketing more over time
I combine visual aesthetics and data, to gain tangible results for your business
I never compete against myself, sticking to one business, within any niche in one location
I always prioritise budget, since profitability is always at the top of our priority list.

Hi , I'm Emma Peacock!

Digital Marketing Strategist
I'm a New Zealand born gal, with an excitement for helping my client's find their authentic approach to marketing their own business.

My experience is a mix of in-house and external, ecommerce and service businesses, across digital and traditional marketing. I don't play favourites...

The best part of my work day is seeing a business owner relax, as they release the imaginary and unnecessary weight off their shoulders.

On the weekends I'm an avid house plant propagator, bad ceramicist, sweet treats eater, and can fit a movie quote into almost any conversation for my own enjoyment.

My Focus

Sustainable Marketing

Your marketing should always be profitable, and manageable. You need the time to regularly create, manage all the inquiries and sales coming in, and continue to serve your existing clients and customers. I work with my clients to get them un-stuck, inspired, and excited to create new marketing experiences.

Where possible, we also lower our impact on the earth by avoiding wasteful practices, because they are also wasteful of your energy. Most of what benefits the user experience with faster page speeds and better SEO, also reduces carbon production, so it's a win-win.

Holistic Marketing

I prefer to focus on marketing any business by combining all the marketing components together, including digital, traditional and in person marketing. I work with my clients to link these connections to create a premium experience for their potential customers. 

By creating one unified message, we can have fun with the delivery, and craft the experience to the setting it takes place in.

Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing online allows for great analytics and reporting. We break down this data together to determine the success of your efforts, so you and I can better understand the otherwise subjective details, and let the target audience be the decider of what's working. These numbers give you the confidence to decide what's working, and drop what isn't.

I help my clients understand what's measurable and what isn’t. We know that what is easily measured is not always the right thing to indicate the success or failure of a marketing initiative, so I work with my clients to explore the possibilities.

Get back to what you love doing in your business, with the strategy and support you need to make more sales

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