Emma Peacock

Marketing Speaker, Podcast Guest & Workshop Host

I’m a Marketing Strategist & Coach working with clients to build their marketing roadmap. Together, we navigate their marketing options, and discover what works for them to make their marketing more manageable.

My core focus is to help business owners turn their goals into a marketing action plan, based on a strategy that works for them. For my coaching clients, I’m also alongside them through their implementation. We figure out “what works” through some discussion but a lot of trial and review. Marketing can be overwhelming and many business owners avoid it, but it can be the key to growth.

I also host the Digital Hive Podcast, where we talk about all things marketing for creative small businesses.

Potential Discussion Topics

Marketing Strategy

In marketing, I find we're best to start with the strategy. It's a small word for a big thing, and includes the goal, mission, the target audience and their needs, how we talk about the offer, and what we're trying to achieve. The strategy is then what guides the of-the-moment tactics andday to day decisions.

  • Creating a remarkable experience to grow your word-of-mouth marketing

  • Adapting for the latest marketing tactics

  • Guiding potential customers through a marketing funnel

  • Making marketing growth tangible and reportable

  • Building processes and systems for your creative marketing

  • Creating a content marketing system

  • Marketing automation

  • Minimising your marketing maintenance list

  • Marketing without a reliance on social media

  • Marketing without a reliance on social media

Content Marketing

Your options for creating content are almost limitless. That can be overwhelming. Many business owners find that when they have a format that feels good, and people respond positively to, their brainstorms expand exponentially and everything starts to flow better.

Your marketing content can prove your expertise and educate a potential client, while also giving people something to share with someone else.

  • Creating a content marketing system

  • Building the box to creative inside of

  • Finding the format that fits

  • Letting the audience decide what is "good" content

  • Using content to test ideas and messaging

  • Going your own way in a world of trends

  • The tech side of content creation


Search engine optimisation is the art of ranking higher on search engines like Google. It's a balance of technical tactics and understanding who your customer is, what they need and what they might search for. Most SEO practices carry over into other platforms that have a search function, like social media, Pinterest and podcasting, so it's like a double weighted skillset.

  • SEO for beginners

  • Referral links and domain authority

  • Landing pages and experiences

  • Tracking your search optimisation

  • Incorporating SEO into your content marketing process

  • Turning word-of-mouth marketing into search ranking

  • Collaborating to grow your search ranking

Marketing by Industry

Most industries have nuanced ways of operating that shift how businesses can best approach marketing. Those approaches might be influenced by customer's expectations, legal limitations or by how they can stand out from the crowd. For podcasts and workshops which cater to a niche audience, we can discuss marketing through the lens of how the industry currently operates, and the opportunities business owners have.

Outsourcing your marketing

A crucial time in any business' marketing is between the moment they decide to hire, and the moment the collaboration starts to flow. That can take quite a bit of time and cause friction, but it is genuinely worth the time and investment to allow you to focus on other parts of the business. People tend to glaze over the middle period when they talk about hiring, which makes people think they're doing it wrong when everything doesn't go to plan. Instead, I like to talk about the nitty gritty.

  • Automating your marketing systems

  • Building marketing systems to delegate

  • Budgeting for a marketing team

  • Hiring your marketing team

  • Maintaining your marketing quality

Past Workshops & Features

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