My Favourite Online Tools



Have full creative control of your website, without learning to code.

By designing and building simultaneously on a visual canvas, Webflow takes away half the hassle so you can fully embody your brand, without the limitations.

Start with the free plan, then upgrade once you need more pages or are ready to launch.

Fathom Analytics

Track your website traffic without invading your your customer's privacy. All the traffic, acquisition and events tracking you need, without the stalking.

Its one page design also makes analytics simple, so you're not hunting around for the right data.

Test Fathom with a free 7 day trial, then get a $10 discount on your first invoice.

Interact Quiz Builder

Create quizzes to test your customers, ask them questions to offer them the best solution and gain leads.

With templates, and conditional logic, it's a simple builder, but with lots of grunt.

Embed your forms or send people directly to a URL, and start tracking performance and easily integrate with your other tools too.

Content Marketing


Scheduling and looping your pins is a great way to increase your engagement and website clicks from Pinterest. Tailwind is our favourite tools for this, with its Smart Loops and Communities.


Email marketing is made simple, with templates, automations, subscriber tagging, the ability to sell products, and a Creator Network for those with larger consistent lists.


Grow an audience with email marketing and blogging in one platform. They're adding new features all the time, so it is most cost effective if you don't have an existing website so you can use more of the features.

Plus, it's bee themed!

Project Management


Manage internal and client projects with an easy to use system. We especially love the recurring tasks, sharing documents, Gantt charts and overdue task reminders.


I like to use Notion as my second brain, dumping all my ideas, and content outlines, so it's all in one place, and is easy to sort through.


This app helps me build habits. It's gamified to-dos that can be daily, weekly, monthly or one off tasks. As you make progress you gain eggs and foods. Like a Tamagotchi but productivity is the goal



Record your podcast in up to 4k, with separate video and audio tracks for each person, to make editing super simple.

It's also easy for your guests to navigate so they show up in the best mood to record.

Spotify for Podcasters

With the acquisition of a few key industry tools, Spotify now offers a free podcast management tool including RSS of audio to other platforms, video within Spotify and a few other perks like the ability to receive messages or to host a private paid feed.


Being able to edit via the transcript is a game changer for me and has sped up my editing process by hours per episode.

It's also super simple to create clips by copying and pasting the transcript!

Online Education & Communities


Sell digital downloads, courses and memberships with ease. We use Podia to manage our courses, and we’ve heard from our students that its super easy to use.

Mighty Networks

Sell digital downloads, courses and memberships with ease. We use Podia to manage our courses, and we’ve heard from our students that its super easy to use.

Books, Podcasts & Newsletters

Being Boss Podcast & Community

This podcast has been integral to my learning over the past 6+ years, and I've enjoyed the community since 2019, and am now a community facilitator. Do the work, be boss.

Colin & Samir and The Publish Press

Their YouTube, podcast and newsletter centre around the creator economy, those who create content for a living. This is a great space to watch for business owners, since they lead us in content trends.

What Works Podcast

Tara has a unique way of breaking things down, both when interviewing people about what works for their business, but also when breaking down trends, history and meaning. Her new book, under the same name, reworking goal setting is also awesome.

The Diary of a CEO

Steven interviews business owners, athletes and celebrities about their origins and lessons in business. He also brings in a little investigative journalism so we don't just hear about the highlights.

My own podcast

I'd be remiss to point out I also have a podcast. I cover marketing topics, and interview business owners about their marketing and its impact on their business.