Charting your unique marketing roadmap

A Strategy Intensive is a concentrated, collaborative experience where we hone your strategy in one specific part of your marketing.

We dive into what’s working for you now, what opportunities you have and how you’ll make your goals happen. 

Throughout the sessions you’ll learn the skills to assess how your current content is working and what could be changed, which allows you to adjust your strategy for the future months and flex with new platforms and ways to market online.

Breaking down your strategy into manageable pieces

In your sessions, we follow a clear structure, with time limits for each section, so we make sure we work through each brainstorm and exercise and don’t miss out on anything. 

A process designed to craft your perfect strategy

Each Intensive is broken up into four 90-minute sessions, where we assess, strategise, roadmap and plan for your future implementation. Since every business, audience and internal team are unique, we’ll customise the strategy to meet your distinctive needs, and refine your approach to suit. 

Piecing the puzzle back together

In the later sessions, we turn all those small components into a plan, so you have an idea of how everything will fit in with each other, and can be repeated and adjusted month over month.

At the end of the Intensive...

You’ll walk away with a clear strategy ready to be executed and exercises you can repeat when you need to refresh your marketing going forward.

You’ll also receive a recording of each session, and the files we created during our time together. 

One month after the Strategy Intensive, we'll have a one hour follow up call so we can tackle any hurdles that come up after you have fully taken in your new strategy.

With this newfound confidence and readiness to take on the world, you’ll be able to smash your goals and set new ones, growing your marketing and your business too!

The right strategy for you

Your strategy is tailored to you and your business so your plans will be reasonable for you to execute. We work with your skill sets, who you have on your team and what you have access to, so everything is within reach. It’s designed around your customers, what they need, and how you’ll show your value as a business. 

Website Strategy

Your website is your online home. It shows off all you do, and the brand behind it, to the world. So that it shows you in the best light, and ranks highly in search engines, it can help to start with the strategy. We’ll break down the information that needs to be presented, how people should uncover the layers, and what they might be seeking before and after visiting your website. I’ll help you make decisions on which pages are required, what content they’ll show, whether you need imagery or videos, how you’ll integrate other content, and which features your platforms need to work in harmony. 

You can use this strategy to DIY your website, or to work with a designer or developer to bring the website to life. 

Online Store Strategy

In eCommerce, your store is your best, and often only, salesperson. If you already have a website, or online store, we’ll first review what is working, and what could do with some improvement. We’ll break down the shopping experience your customers love and how you can make that happen. I’ll help you choose your store platform, and any apps and add-ons you’ll need to deliver that higher level of service. I’ll help you decide how to layout your products, and how people might browse, shop and repurchase to round out that online experience. 

You can use this strategy to DIY your online store buildout, or to work with a designer or developer to curate the store of your dreams.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a key discovery and engagement tool for many businesses, but the approach can be so unique for every business. We’ll focus our time on one or two platforms, so you’ll walk away with everything you need to plan and post for the coming months. The strategy will be crafted for your audience within the context of that platform’s content, behaviour and rewarded formats, structures and tactics. Together, we’ll plan a month’s content calendar, so you’ll never start from a blank page ever again. 

Choose from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

Podcast Strategy

Podcasting is an engaging, long form, community building tool. I work with my clients on business or lifestyle focused shows, as well as those focused on building a personal brand, to grow a podcast they love to host, and that their audience love to listen to and share. I’ll help you choose your hosting platform, seasonality, show format, upcoming topics, how you’ll promote the show, and how you’ll monetise the content through sponsorships or your business.

We’ll work through how you’ll build systems and processes to ease the workload of recording, editing and producing your show.

Blog Strategy

Blogging is part search, part customer service, part educational or entertaining, but the formats and style are completely up to you. Getting your ideas and points on the screen is one part of blog marketing, but we also want to draw people in, answer their questions, help them feel familiar with your brand and want to stick around for more. I’ll help you decide how you’ll balance those, while feeling true to you and your business’ mission and values. We’ll discuss how your reader can discover new content, how you’ll connect posts together to create a hub of content, and plan your upcoming content calendar. 

Video Content Strategy

With the thirst for video growing, the possibilities for connection continue to grow. If video, or delivering a message visually is your sweet spot, YouTube and video website content can be a valuable option for you. We’ll discuss how you can balance search and virality, entertainment and education, and quality and quantity. I’ll help you choose your favourite formats, a sustainable upload schedule, and the tactics you’ll implement to grow your views and subscriptions. We’ll also create a plan for repurposing your content, so you can make the most of your recording and editing time.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email is one of the most consistent avenues of communication between you and your potential and current clients and customers. We’ll plan for your platform of choice, email content, list growth, and audience engagement. We’ll discuss the performance metrics that will help you make decisions over time. You might be starting from 0, or looking to improve your current strategy.

Advertising Strategy

Advertising is the cherry on top of many businesses' marketing plans. However, many business owners find it fraught with jargon and a structure that’s overwhelming. We’ll work through all the possibilities based on your goals, plan formats and identify platforms that work for you right now, create your initial campaigns, and help you understand the analytics to optimise for.

Online Community Strategy

There are countless options when starting a community, which gives you the freedom to find what fits you best. Some centre the host, while others introduce the community to each other, and some strike a balance of both. I’ll help you navigate which platform you’ll build your community on, how you’ll invite people in, what you’ll offer within the space, and how you might choose to monetise directly or through your business. We’ll create a content, promotion and events plan to help you foster the community your audience craves. 

What is a marketing “strategy”?

A strategy is the general plan for promoting your offer to your audience, setup in such a way that it evolves with the real world.

I take a practical approach, so while we determine what you’re looking to achieve, the approach you’ll take and why, we’ll also refine your next steps, giving you a starting point, tactics to try, and analytics to monitor to help you make decisions over the coming months. This way, your strategy is authentic, practical, adaptable and actionable.

I give you options to consider, making suggestions occasionally, and helping you contemplate the possibilities, to allow you to identify the strategy that will help you feel liberated and self-sufficient. We’re working to reduce your overwhelm by gaining clarity, and putting everything down on paper. 

"This Strategy Intensive gave me the tools to create future monthly social media plans for my brand.

The experience was solid. I felt that I was getting well researched information and you met me in where I was without judgement."

Sarah Flood-Baumann Design

Social Media Strategy Intensive

Let's get strategising

With your newfound confidence and readiness to take on the world, you’ll be able to smash your goals and set new ones, growing your marketing and your business too!

Focus on one part of your marketing plan

Which part is up to you, but we'll get super specific, and review your business and brand in the context of that marketing platform, before making your plan.

Gain the clarity to move forward

It's simply overwhelming when you have unanswered questions or uncertainties. We take that all off your shoulders so you can focus on taking action.

Your sustainable action plan

You'll leave with your plan, and a structure to continue to plan for each month, quarter and year that comes.

Follow up meeting

One month later, we'll get together to check in on how you're going, and cover any questions or extra thoughts that have come up.

Strategy Intensive



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my time commitment?

We’ll book out 4 x 90 minute sessions. You’ll also need to fill out a questionnaire ahead of the day and share access to your accounts so I can access the analytics we need to build your strategy.

How do you fit a whole strategy in?

In the Intensive, we follow a clear structure, with time limits for each section, so we make sure we work through each brainstorm and exercise and don’t miss out on anything.

In our discovery call we’ll talk about the platform or topic you need strategy support for. If we don’t believe we’ll be able to cover this in one Intensive, or you would be better suited to splitting the topics into multiple days, we will let you know. Secondary intensives may be discounted when purchased and booked close together since Emma will know more about your business at any follow up sessions.

I'm not sure if this is what I need... help?

Book a discovery call and Emma will give you advice on what your next step should be, whether that’s a Strategy Intensive, a service, a course or something else entirely.

Book a discovery call

On this call, we spend 45 minutes discussing your goals and needs, to decide whether a Strategy Intensive is the right fit for you.

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