Marketing Strategy, Support & Accountability

When your business needs to continue to shift to a changing landscape, you often need both the strategy, and the support while you execute it. That might be because you're a newer company, in a new phase of business or new to your chosen platforms. As you make changes, we all hit hurdles, so the added accountability keeps things moving.

You'll have someone by your side to help you elevate that strategy as real life data comes in.

Explore your strategy

We'll kick off your coaching by creating your marketing plan, and an overall strategy. We'll do this by breaking down your goals for the coming months, what marketing works best for that, and how you can actually make it happen.

Craft the roadmap

To implement your strategy, we first break everything down into manageable pieces. We work our way through brainstorms and exercises so you don’t miss out on anything, and make a task list that you can take action on.

Discover new horizons

In our monthly calls, we'll check in on what has been achieved in the month prior, work through any hurdles you're experiencing, or tackle a new part of your strategy, then decide the tactics and tasks for the new month ahead.

I always feel so inspired and motivated after our phone calls.

They're so good!

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Coaching Client

It might be the right time for coaching if…

You’re unsure on what course of action to take in your marketing

You want strategy and support as you navigate these new changes

You like friendly accountability to keep you on track

You want someone to talk through your decisions with, who has the experience to help you weigh the options

What to expect

Kick Off Strategy & Planning Call

While we follow a type of process, I adapt our discussions to where you are at in business, your marketing knowledge, and the size of your team. We also adjust this strategy to your offer and target audience, so the topics we discuss in this call will reflect that. Sometimes, I’ll have a question that isn’t as easy for you to answer, but we’ll work our way through it. All call recordings are saved, along with an automated transcript in your dedicated Notion board so you can refer back as needed. 

Marketing Plan

I compile everything we review and strategise on in our Kick off Call into one editable Canva document. This documents your new approach to marketing, including each aspect of your overall strategy, and the action items we’ve discussed for the upcoming months. This will become your editable and manageable marketing plan for the coming months, so it’s easy to evolve as the years go on. 

Website & SEO Audit

I review your website and search ranking in the context of your new marketing plan and goals. I’ll analyse the layout, design, page speed, content, messaging and any technical issues. I’ll also clarify the future opportunities to amplify the performance of your website. The final page of your audit summarises the first action steps and priorities so you can easily get started. Your audit is delivered within the week following your Kick-off Call along with the Marketing Plan.

Social Media Content Audit

While we will have chatted about the big pieces of your content, I’ll dedicate time to the nitty gritty details, so you have precise examples of adjustments you can make. The final page of your audit summarises the first action steps and priorities so you can easily get started. Your audit is delivered within the week following your Kick-off Call along with the Marketing Plan.

90 minute Coaching Calls

We’ve now set up the plan, and it’s time for action. We’ll review your progress over the prior month, your analytics, and any questions you have. As you work on your marketing, questions will arise, hurdles will form, and we can talk about it all. Sometimes we might be introducing a new platform, so we’ll talk about how you can make it work for you, or we might navigate technical issues or plan your month’s content. The time is yours!The number of coaching calls is decided by the package you choose.

Action Plan

We'll get really clear on what needs to be actioned each month, with priorities set, so you know what's next on the checklist.

On each call, we can check in on how much progress you've made, and adjust our expectations if things are taking longer than we may have planned for.

Email Support

Between our coaching calls, there’ll be small things that you want to run by me, or questions that come up. I’m available on email between your calls to fill in those gaps as they come up. 


During our calls, I’ll share any resources you might find useful based on what we discuss. This partly saves us time on the calls, so we can cover even more, but they also help you get further ahead without building your own system. At the end of the package, I’ll share the full library of resources with you.

Why choose coaching?

Your business is unique to you, as is your marketing know-how.

I meet you where you are, work through the hurdles you’re currently facing to discover your own approach to marketing your business.

Our goal is to give you the confidence to go it alone, independently choosing your own authentic and fulfilling marketing style as you try new things and forge new paths. 

Some business owners prefer to outsource their marketing, but this might mean higher budgets and limit your knowledge when you choose to hire internally.

Coaching is the best mix of strategy, action, learning and growth.

You’re the Queen Bee of your business, but you can think of me as your Beekeeper, here to help you thrive. 

Support as you create and grow

You'll receive support, accountability and strategy, as you market your business, growing your skills as an experienced marketer.

With me as your strategy sidekick, you'll have someone to talk to about each of your initiatives, who understands the nuances of the highs and lows of the process and can give you feedback and insights along the way.

We can cover

  • Your website or online store

  • Your tech stack

  • Social media

  • Advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Blog, podcast or video content

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Online community

  • Software implementation

  • Experiential marketing

I often find we can cover each platform or area in 1-3 calls, depending on the work required to get it just right.

Your best marketing awaits

Let's make big things happen, without the overwhelm of trying to do everything alone.

Clover Package

This is for you if you want support on a few key marketing platforms.

Starting at
$3,400 USD
Payment plans available
discuss your goals
  • Strategy & Planning Call
  • Marketing Plan
  • Website & SEO Audit
  • Social Media & Content Marketing Audit
  • 6 x 90min Coaching Calls
  • 6 months of Email Support
    Access to all recordings and resource files in a Notion dashboard

These packages are for small businesses, where I  work with one team member. If you have a marketing team you'd like me to coach, we can discuss this on a discovery call.

Pricing is always charged in your local currency so you can budget accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my time commitment?

We’ll book out a 3 hour kick-off Strategy and Planning call, after which your 90 minute calls will be booked monthly. You’ll also need to fill out a questionnaire ahead of the start of your coaching. After our kick-off call, your only homework will be to do your marketing, implementing the tasks we discuss on our calls, and to fill in an analytics report month to month ahead of our calls.

What payment plans do you offer?

We can break down the payments to allow you to better manage the investment, into 3 or 4 payments. This will include an additional admin fee. I do recommend to clients that they make sure they have the budget already set aside for the option they choose, so they can implement the best long term investment decisions for their business' marketing.

How do we fit everything into the calls?

In our discovery call we’ll talk about the platforms or topics you need strategy support for. We'll then spend the Strategy & Planning Call covering each of your goals, and creating a pencil list for the year, a loose plan for three months, and a task list for the following month. I'll also create audit videos for you to give you extra guidance on some improvements you can make.

We'll then cover everything else in our monthly calls, while you have time in between those calls to execute your actual marketing. You can also email me between calls too.

What if I want to keep working with you?

Options to extend the coaching period are made available to you at the end of your package. This might be a good fit for you if you plan to add new offers or marketing channels after the initial period of coaching. However, our aim will be to best prepare you for working on your own after the coaching is completed, with tools and resources to assist you as you continue to make adjustments.

I'm not sure if this is what I need... help?

Book a discovery call and I will give you advice on what your next step should be, whether that’s strategy support, coaching, outsourcing, a course or something else entirely.

Book a discovery call

On this call, we spend 45 minutes discussing your goals and needs, to decide whether marketing coaching is the right fit for you.

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