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The Marketing Apiary

An online course to teach you everything you need to know to DIY your digital marketing, from showing off your brand online, to your website and SEO, content marketing, advertising and more.

$500 USD

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Content Nectar Prompt Deck

Over 135 prompts to help you create better content marketing for your business. Choose between the deck or list options, with expansions for service, course and product based businesses.

$20 USD

Happy Hour

Ask all of your burning marketing questions and review your marketing data so you can overcome the immediate hurdles in marketing your business, in a 2 hour call.

$300 USD

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Free Marketing Audit

Provide me with your website and social media links and a few facts about your business and I'll give you my take on your marketing. Simple advice for you to implement, and test out my ideas.


My Favourite Tools

Browse a list of the tools I love to use to work with my clients, sell my offers and create marketing content.


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SEO for Web Designers

A course all about SEO, specifically through the lens of website designers and developers, so you can expand your service by including a full SEO offering.

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Webinars and Workshops

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Digital Marketing 101 Webinar

Find out the basics of each of the different kinds of marketing, and where you should start first for your business, so you can ignore the rest.

Instant replay access

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Annual Marketing Planning

Build a roadmap for the next year that makes you feel secure in your next steps forward. We'll break down last year's data, set goals for the new year, then plan the beginning of each medium.

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A photo of Emma writing in a content pillars worksheet and calendar, with coffee on table. Click this to read more about the 90 days of content planning workshop

90 Days of Content Planning

Plan a quarter of content in just 2 hours. We'll start with your target audience and what they need this quarter, then create a calendar and framework for your content platforms.

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