Content Nectar Prompt Deck

Your Content Writing Sidekick

Skip that mind blank moment every time you sit down to write your marketing content. With prompts perfect for your email newsletters, blogs and social media posts, you’ll have enough ideas to never run out of things to say about your business and your offers, with just enough behind the scenes to break things up!

What’s Included…

  • 88 General prompts for every business

  • 48 prompts for Service based businesses

  • 48 prompts for Product based businesses

  • 48 prompts for course providers

  • Canva templates to expand on your own

That’s over 135 prompts no matter your business type, and up to 230 if you have a multi-hyphenate business.

For all your content marketing platforms

This deck isn’t just for social media, you can use it to create blogs, as vlog topics, or for your newsletter. On social media, each could spark an idea for a story, or a feed post, or both, it’s completely up to you.

Mix and match to make your perfect stack

Use both the general deck and whatever business type you resonate with. You can mix and match across all the business types so if you offer a service and a course, you can combine the stacks. I’ve created it this way so you can use the general deck once so there’s no double ups!

“These are so incredible! I’m really impressed with the two sets I’ve read so far and I can’t believe how many you managed to create. I’m so excited to print them and start using them!”

Heather Walpole, Ewe Ewe Yarns

The Seven Stages of Sweet Marketing

Hone Your Message

Before you move forward, you need to clarify your brand, who your target audience is and where you can find them, and how you’ll communicate with them online.

Put your Best Foot Forward

Your website and communication methods help you deliver your brand and message to your audience and better sell to your client and customers.

Getting The Numbers Straight

Set up your tracking and reporting, plan how you’ll measure success, and set goals for the next month, quarter and year so you can structure your marketing plan to scale your sales.

4. Help People Find You

Whether they are discovering you for the first time, or looking for you again after hearing about you somewhere else, being visible in search directs people to your website, while they are actively looking for what you offer.

5. Content Marketing & Social Media

Engage and build a relationship with potential and paid clients and customers by offering them advice or inspiration in your area of expertise, helping them solve a small question and better position yourself to assist with the bigger ones.

6. Grow with Advertising

Once you’ve built a great base, paying to show up in front of the right people, at the right time, at the right price is a worthwhile investment. 

7. Passing The Torch

Once you scale your sales, inevitably you’ll need some help, or to delegate your marketing completely. This final stage is all about pulling everything together so you can bring other people onboard without losing your momentum.

Choose the option that’s right for you

Prompt Deck

Print your own deck of cards to shuffle through, like your favourite oracle or tarot deck, or work your way through the stack.



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Prompt List

For the boss on the go! Opt for the list version to save paper, or not print at all, with room to make notes of dates you’ve posted already.



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