Free Marketing Audit

Stabilise your marketing foundation with an audit

Maybe you’d like an outsider's perspective to see what your website visitors really want?

Maybe your website was a DIY project or is a few years old? 

I’ll take my decade of marketing experience to review your website and SEO, and compile all my recommendations into one clear audit report.

How it works

Share your information

Once you purchase your audit, a form link will be sent to you in the confirmation email. This form will allow you to provide the website URL, which pages you'd like me to review and information about your target audience and business goals.

Browse your audit report

Within one week of submitting the form, you'll receive an email with a Notion link. From this link you'll be able to access the audit report and any supplementary resources I think you may find useful.

Get results

Once you receive your audit report, you'll be able to start making improvements right away. You may choose to send this to your website designer or virtual assistant to take action for you, but you'll start to see results as soon as you take action.

Skip the overwhelm

Your audit report breaks down your website and search engine optimisation tech, and how they can be improved. So you don't get overwhelmed, the report ends with the 5-10 things you should do first.

The information you need to move forward

Your audit reports includes a review of your website. We’re looking for a clear brand and offer, a customer journey and user experience that flows throughout your site, and the search engine hurdles your site currently faces.

A balance of technical and behaviour analysis

I can audit up to 5 content pages of your choice and a blog, to give you a full rundown of each of the items that matters to your visitors, and to the search engines they'll find you on.

A fresh perspective to get you un-stuck

This audit includes items you might not notice on your own, or don't have the technical knowledge to look for. The report helps you to work through the recommendations, instead of learning about everything to check yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your audit
Will you tell me how to fix each issue?
Yes, I'll give you a reasonable amount of information in the report. If I have an existing resource I'll also provide that to you to make things easy for you.
How many pages can you audit?
I can audit up to 5 content pages and a blog. Content pages might include your homepage, about, services pages and a contact page.

If your website has more than 5 content pages, you can choose which pages I should audit in the form after purchase.
Is this only available for service providers?
No. If you have an online store, I'll audit the templates for your collections and products.

If there are particular uses of those templates you'd prefer I'd audit, you can note that in the form after purchase.