Your Complete Marketing Master Plan

When it's time to shift gears, we're best to evaluate the whole picture. We'll start with your audience and the key messages before we move on to evaluating each platform that could work for you, and how you'll show up on each.

Your marketing is part foundation, part acceleration, but we'll cover both sides in this strategy process.

Clarify the audience

Everything comes back to your people, so we'll clarify who they are, what they need, and how your offer works for them.

Curate the message

We'll clarify the best ways to explain what you do best, and the benefits of your offer to cover each context.

Share your brand

We'll plan for each platform, to maximise your reach and connection with the people who need what you offer, at a level that's sustainable for you to manage.

I always feel so inspired and motivated after our phone calls.

They're so good!

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You're in need of a marketing strategy if...

You’re unsure on what marketing to undertake

You aren't confident what your potential customers want to see from you

Thinking about your marketing plan is overwhelming

You want someone to sort the marketing puzzle for you

Strategy sessions may include

Goal Setting

We'll get deep into the details on where we're headed. We'll start with any pains and gripes, points of friction and spaces that don't feel in flow. Then we'll move into your hopes and dreams, before we break it all down into what might be achievable in the short term, mid term and long term.

Target Audience Review

Before we do anything else, we have to understand who the potential customers or clients are. Everything in your business revolves around them, so we need to be clear on who they are, what they want, where they might hang out online and what they find interesting.

Offer Review

You know your offer back to front, but it's how you explain it that matters. Plus, I might not know all that much about it to begin with, which can be a great filter for clarity. We get clear on the features, benefits, alternatives, and what makes your offer stand out from the crowd.

Brand Story & Messaging

More than your offers, your brand story is what sticks with people. It's the story perceived by your customers and potential customers. We can enhance parts of the brand story, add clarity, and set expectations through your marketing content. We start with your brand values, key messages, touch on your brand personality and distill it all down into points and short statements that can be easily shared.

Brand Visuals Review

A picture says a thousand words, so your brand design could span a novel. We review where the brand might be visually inconsistent, where it may need to evolve, and how it represents your brand's mission. We'll celebrate what's working, uncover any potential roadblocks, and make plans for future adjustments.

Current Marketing Platforms Audit

I'll go through everything with a fine toothed comb to give you a breakdown of the technical areas you're missing, the opportunities you have, and the areas for improvement. We'll discuss everything to make sure you understand how to diagnose and remedy each issue moving forward.

Analytics Review

Real data cuts out our perceptions and gets down the hard truths. We'll analyse your data, see what it's telling us and make a plan for the improvements you can make how you can use your analytics as a guide through the coming months.

Potential Customer or Client Interaction Flow

We often don't dedicate enough time to reviewing everything from our customers point's of view, but not here. We'll review each potential touch point, from discovering your business to the first time, engaging with your platforms, the people they communicate with all the way through to a sale.

Loyalty & Advocacy Review

Your word-of-mouth marketing might be free, but that doesn't mean we take it for granted. We'll review and plan improvements for each part of the offer delivery, off-boarding and ongoing communication with your customers or clients, so we can proactively engage with them, and maximise their potential to return or tell a friend all about you.

Content Calendar Planning

Remaining consistent online often involves creating content, but this is the biggest hurdle for many businesses. We'll break down everything we've planned so far into content pillars, clarifying the differences between each of your marketing platforms, and creating cohesive campaigns. You'll then use this structure to plan for upcoming months, so you never start with a blank calendar again.

Team Responsibilities Review

We'll break down every team members role, how they contribute to the team and overall business, and how automation, systems, processes, delegation and project management combine to amplify your output.

If you're managing everything on your own, we'll break down how you can best work with external contractors, or plan for that first marketing employee.

Internal Communication & Collaboration

Every team size has it's owns strengths and hurdles. We'll break down every way they communicate with each other, how they share information and assets to reduce the friction. We'll go beyond just your marketing team here, since loyalty and advocacy depend so heavily on every execution point of your business.

Marketing Roadmap

Good things take time, so we'll plan out the coming months to keep the workload sustainable. We'll take into account any projects and recurring marketing you'll be doing over that period, to spread the load and allow room for a few delays.

Action Planning Session

Everything needs to be actionable, so we work to break down your entire strategy into an action plan. We get specific, with tasks broken down and delegated with deadlines to suit. You'll then use this structure to continue to plan into the future.

We'll choose which sessions make sense for your business, and the programme for our time together in a Discovery Call. Sessions may also differ in length to make sure we spread our focus to match your goals.

Your marketing strategy sidekick

Your business is unique so your marketing strategy needs to reflect that. Your strategy combines your offer, audience, key messages and the methods of delivery, but we don't stop there!

Your marketing strategy has to be implemented and updated with the changes of the outside world, so we won't stop til we have a clear action plan, a roadmap and a clear understanding of where you're headed.

Through this process, you'll bring all the thoughts, feelings, possibilities and options together, so we can lay them all out.

During our sessions, we'll centre the team around one core focus at a time, with an external mediator (me) there to keep you on track to take your marketing planning off the back burner.

We’ll reconfigure your marketing content, break down the upcoming action items and create a sustainable, practical marketing plan. 

We can cover

  • Your website or online store

  • Your tech stack

  • Social media

  • Advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Blog, podcast or video content

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Online community

  • Software implementation

  • Experiential marketing

I often find we can cover each platform or area in 1-3 calls, depending on the work required to get it just right.

Your new marketing strategy awaits

We'll get all the puzzle pieces together, to craft an actionable, sustainable roadmap

Lay the foundation

Let's get things all laid out, in a super clear and concise strategy.

Get the team on the same page

We'll blend their skills and expertise into your strategy to keep things on track.

No stone left unturned

We'll cover every part of your marketing, so everything works together.

Follow the plan

All that's left is to take action!

Complete Marketing Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my time commitment?

This will depend on the strategy package we build together in our discovery call. Each session will be a collaborative process, usually on a Zoom call, so you will need to commit time to being on those, prepared with any information I'e requested ahead of the call. You'll also need to execute your marketing strategy for it to be tested to evolve optimally.

What payment plans do you offer?

We can break down the payments to allow you to better manage the investment, into 3 or 4 payments. This will include an additional admin fee. I do recommend to clients that they make sure they have the budget already set aside for the option they choose, so they can implement the best long term investment decisions for their business' marketing.

How do we fit everything into these sessions?

In our discovery call, we’ll talk about the platforms or topics you need a review and strategy for, so that we can account for each of our plans. You already know a lot of the information we need, so we simply need to work through a process to get it all organised. If research is needed, we can plan accordingly.

I'll also do my own investigations outside of our calls, testing your website and marketing platforms so you're not sitting waiting while I do that work. Occasionally when a client doesn't have a marketing team, I might take on additional project work to ensure actions are done quickly, all of which is quoted and approved before I get started. We manage this on an ad hoc basis.

We'll work together over a series of weeks, with a few check in sessions to work through any hurdles that come up as your implement your strategy.

What if I want to keep working with you?

Options to add ongoing support and assistance are made available to you once your marketing strategy is completed. This might be a good fit for you if you need help hiring new team members or would prefer to outsource some of the action steps or management of the strategy's execution.

However, our aim will be to best prepare you for working on your own, with tools and resources to assist you as you continue to make adjustments.

I'm not sure if this is what I need... help?

Book a discovery call so we talk through your goals and needs. I'll give you advice on what your next step could be, whether that’s strategy support, coaching, outsourcing, a course or something else entirely.

Book a discovery call

On this call, we spend 45 minutes discussing your goals and needs, to decide whether this marketing strategy package is the right fit for you.

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