We offer digital advertising services for when you want to get your brand onto different platforms, or it might need a little boost.

We create ads through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords, as well as influencer marketing content.


digital advertising strategy

Digital advertising is not for every business. If it is a suitable avenue for your business, a clear purpose and goal for each ad, and a clear path to conversion must be created before any advertising is put out. Advertising content is equally as important as the form of delivery and needs to match up, so that the audience has the right reaction to the ad and are most likely to click through.

It's also incredibly important that the page the user lands on matches the ad they have seen, and that the user experience on that page is great, with minimal searching or clicking through pages to find the answer they seek, or to purchase the item advertised. By following your clear strategy for all digital ads, you can reach a new audience, and convert a portion of that audience to your product or service.

digital ad management

We offer management of your portfolio of online ads, through social platforms and Google AdWords.

Up to 3 ads per month starting from $380 NZ per month, plus ad spend
Up to 5 ads per month starting from $600 NZ per month, plus ad spend

This includes monthly reporting on the ads’ performance and recommendations, whether that be keyword changes, or adjustments to the ad content, plus allowance for up to half an hour of alterations per ad in Google AdWords, which is generally plenty. The retainer doesn’t cover design of display ad imagery.

Your monthly report will include:

  • a breakdown of the performance of your ads, including clicks, bounce rate and conversion
  • a comparison of ad performance to the previous month, and year on year, if applicable
  • reporting of how you are currently ranking for those same keywords organically, to determine which should continue to be included within ads
  • recommendations of changes to both the ads, and to your website, to reduce bounce rate and improve the conversion rate, once a user is on your website


influencer marketing

We offer influencer marketing as an alternative to ad buying. We connect with influencers and agencies on your behalf to work with influencers that enjoy using your products or services, have a dedicated following, and whose audience is a good fit for your products.

Influencers have the ability to reach a targeted and deeply engaged audience, who trust the influencers opinion on which products and services are great for that person. Influencers who truly like something can use the product or service, and authentically and organically communicate how and why they like it to their audience.

While this isn't for every business, it can be a great opportunity for certain businesses.


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