Not every Squarespace template can do everything. Some don't allow Index Pages, some have specific limitations in the footer. Some belong to template families, so they can all do the same things, they just have a different starting point for you to design from. But don't worry, we've done ALL the research for you!

It's hard to tell by a quick glance what any Squarespace template can do. It can be a little tricky to tell quickly which templates fit into the same family, so can do the exact same things, but look different to start with.

This quiz will whittle down your options, so you don't have template overload, so that you can make a decision and move on to creating your content.

It'll take you about 15 minutes, or less, so take this quiz!

How to choose the perfect Squarespace template

answer some questions

We'll ask you a few questions about what you need in a header, footer, and page options, we will find out the nitty gritty details about what you are after in your Squarespace template. We will find out exactly what you are after, to eliminate all of the fuzz, and clear some brain space. 

Find your perfect Squarespace template


At the end of the quiz, we will present you with all of the templates that fit your requirements, giving you a set to take a look through, knowing that whichever you pick will be able to be edited to be perfect for you and your brand.