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Emma Peacock, Digital Marketing Strategist at Honey Pot Digital standing in front of wall, with palm print, wearing glasses and t-shirt that says Don’t go back, You’re not going that way
Marketing Strategy
Brand Marketing
Acquisition Marketing
Experiential Marketing
Audience Growth
Consulting & Education
Emma, sitting across from a client in a cafe with notebook, coffee and croissant, listening to them talk about their business’ marketing, point of view is over the client’s shoulder

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I Work With

Service Providers

delivering a beneficial solution to a real need

B2B Brands

who work with businesses as a whole, rather than any one person

eCommerce & Retail

direct to consumer and wholesale product businesses

Subscription Models

looking to scale their recurring revenue

Course Providers

delivering transformation through digital and in-person channels

Community & Events

fostering a connection between people virtually and in person

Audience First Brands

elevating a following into a profitable business

Startups & Tech

on the forefront of positive industry disruption

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