Photo of woman sitting on lounge floor recording a podcast episode

Discoverability in podcasting

Helping your audience find your show

Podcast apps themselves aren’t fantastic for discoverability. Like most marketing, it is not a build it and they will come scenario.

New shows which wind up in the top shows promotions are usually part of larger networks. That’s why you often will see promotions for new shows in your feed for other shows by that network or ads embedded in other shows.

Assuming you’re not producing a podcast as part of a network, you’ll need to use other methods to improve your discoverability. This will mean that it’s important to plan your podcast launch and marketing in such a way to kickstart the momentum. You’ll also need to maintain a certain element of sustainability in your marketing so that you can continue to grow your reach over time.

Guest podcasting

By appearing on other people’s podcasts you can have an in depth conversation in front of a new audience.

You can heighten your likelihood of moving people over to your audience, either to your own podcast or social media, if the topics you discuss relate to what you offer in your business. While the host is asking you the questions, you can still steer the conversation to keep things on track and related to your business or knowledge. You can also pitch and discuss potential topics ahead of the recording to best plan how you’ll collaborate most effectively with the host.

Having guests on your own show

When you host someone on your podcast, they’re inherently likely to promote that episode within their audience.

Ideally there would be similiarities in the topics or types of guests you have so that those new listeners will stick around for new episodes and follow the show.

Sometimes a guest may not have a large audience, but they may have a dedicated audience, or simply be someone you can have a fantastic conversation with, so think about the whole picture when considering who to invite or which pitches to accept.

Photo of woman sitting on lounge floor recording a podcast episode

Podcast SEO

Just like other types of search engine optimisation, including searchable keywords and phrases within your episode title and description can help your show and individual episodes be found by people who are actively searching for them. This can happen within the app, but assuming you also host your episode publicly, people can also find them on other search platforms like Google. Pinterest and it’s own SEO can also be helpful.

Social media content

To get more new listeners without word of mouth, you’ll need to share about your show on other platforms. By sharing clips and other snippets of your show, people can stumble upon something that sparks their interest and find the episode to start listening.

You can use all formats to promote your episodes, including images with quotes or topics on them, carousels, videos like Reels, Shorts and TikToks or Pinterest content.

Photo of woman sitting on lounge floor recording a podcast episode

Your wider marketing funnel

If you consider your podcast as part of your wider content plan, it can be a key step in someone’s experience of your business and brand. That means that at certain points of a welcome sequence, in weekly newsletters, in your Instagram Stories, or through links in blog posts, you can refer people to your show as a whole, or to specific episodes. Think of it as another part of your world that people can interact with.

As always, you have options for promoting your podcast and helping people find you. You can pick and choose how you share about it, whether you have guests or release solo episodes only. Feel free to dabble and see what works for you, and your audience.

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