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Work With Purpose

Whether you’re a one man team or a group of 50, paying someone to do something that doesn't positively impact your business, or your customers, is a waste of time and money. Limit this by annually, or even more often, taking a look through your business and finding the areas where your staff are doing something for the sake of it, and where more attention and staff are needed. Go through each of the tasks each team member does and allocate the purpose.

Does A need to happen so that B can happen, and B = $? That's worth it.

Does person A needs to do X to make person B's job easier? Can person B do that work themselves? And because it effects their job, can they do it more efficiently and effectively themselves?  Are you an agency posting to Instagram to create brand awareness for you, or your clients? This will effect which strategy you use, but depending on which you are actually using, is what you’re doing a waste of time? Does posting on Instagram not serve anyone but the employee's own growth because your consumer is 75?

Can you really afford to support that, or should that employee start their own Instagram in their own time?

Any time working on something that has no purpose, or working on it in such a way that doesn't benefit the purpose, is wasting time and money. 

Not only are you paying them, but any time they need input from anyone else you pay that persons wages too, then there's supplier’s time, management, payroll. It all has a wider effect.  Keeping staff busy for the sake of it also makes them feel less accomplished as they are busy to be busy.

If your staff are adding to the business, the culture, the customer, they feel more empowered and needed, and will work harder and feel better for it.

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This food for thought can be applied to any business. Even if you are a solopreneur, and do something because you think it should be done, but it doesn’t need to, and you don’t want to do it, don’t. Even if it needs to be done, and you hate doing it, outsource it for a reasonable fee. Do what is best for your business, your customers and your employees, and work with purpose.

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