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Using Live Content for your business

Streaming live content is not only a different way to share content around your business, it allows your audience to engage on the spot so that you can react immediately. Some live content can be repurposed, and saved for your audience to watch later, or you can remove it from the web afterwards, so that it's an exclusive piece of content for those who watched it live.

You can learn a lot from the types of questions people ask and how they engage with the content, then use those learnings to steer your products or services and the way that you sell them. Someone should be the champion of this content, involving other team members whenever needed, but keep in mind that not everyone loves talking to a phone or camera.

But what could I share live?

  • Show your work in progress and get feedback straight away on a quick decision you're trying to make, like colours, or a name for a new service.
  • Introduce a new product or service, talking trough the major points, asking for questions, then use those answers as extra talking points on your sales page.
  • Show a sneak peek of something you are creating in business, that's a little further away from launch.
  • Share a tour around your workspace, introducing your team if you have one with their first name and their job title, or more of you like.
  • Host a regular meet the team style live video, where they talk about their role, and maybe a little about themselves. Showing your audience that real people are behind your brand helps create an extra connection. You can ask people to ask questions about their role or the business.
  • Start a show hosted at the same time each month or week, and share something about your business, either teaching something, or inspiring your audience around a topic.
  • Share short or previously recorded and edited content, used simply to capitilise on the notification your audience will receive when you go live.
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We hope this got you thinking about creating live content around your business, and how you can use it to not only connect with your audience, but to better serve them too.

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