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Finding the purpose behind your content

On top of a point for each piece of content, you need to have a purpose around how all of this content benefits your brand or business. Whether you are trying to entertain your readers, inspire them, or educate them, in the long term, this can make great change for your business.

Ask yourself or your team these questions, and see what you come up with:
What do you want to be known for?
How can you inject your culture and personality into the content?
What is your writing style? e.g. conversational, informative
What are your business goals?
How can you use content to reach those goals?

Depending on your answers, you can begin to adapt your content to err back to those goals. Reflect on those answers every 6 months or so to check in and see if they are still true for your brand or business and that your goals are still on point. Adapt them whenever you can to make sure your content is aligned with the rest of your business.

You'll learn over time what format best suits your audience, but format can also play a part in your purpose. Is it audio only, like a podcast, is it video on Facebook and YouTube, is it written only? Written content obviously works best for SEO, but with audio and video content comes a short description. You can still use that description to get your point across and for people to find you in search results. Then there's the type of content that doesn't work for search, like Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Live videos sine they aren't permanent or really searchable. This certainly doesn't have little benefit to your business though, since you can gain a great connection on these formats.

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Make sure that you are linking any content your create back to your business, whether that is for a product or service, or just so that the reader understands what you offer. By keeping your content loosely relative to your business, someone who is interests in your content is likely to be interested in your business is some way.

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