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Factors effecting your search rank

Sometimes, when looking to improve your search ranking, it can be a little confusing as to what you should change. This is a simple guide to what effects your ranking, so you can make sure you are focusing on what matters.


  • When non-spammy people on the web link to you, either to your domain or specific pages, this can have a positive effect on where you sit in the search results
  • This shows you are an authority on this topic or keywords


  • Keywords and related terms show that your page or site will solve the searcher's query
  • There is a balancing act played here, where keywords need to be used, but not in a spammy way
  • Make sure the right keywords are featured in your page title, meta description, and at least somewhere on the page


  • Your page load speed - 4 seconds maximum, but as fast as possible
  • User friendliness on mobile, tablet and PC
  • Content uniqueness
  • Length of content - make sure the page has enough content to appear helpful, aim for at least 100 words


  • How people interact with your link, whether they click through or skip over your link
  • What they do after they click through


  • How connected your domain name is to the search topic
  • When people start to search your site name with their keywords, it shows they want your version, e.g. "wedding photographer paper and lace"


  • Are you the authority in that niche?
  • Are you a proven influencer or knowledge base for this topic?


  • In a small way, how people interact with you on your associated social platforms plays a role in how your show in results
  • This is a signifier of trust
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There's a few extra things for you to consider, to cover a few more bases, and raise your ranking.

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