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A simple guide to meta information

Meta information is the back end copy that search engines can see, but visitors to your site cannot. There will be a place on the back end of the site platform you use where you can edit and update this information for each page on your website. If you have any products for sale, you should also be able to change these for each product. Improving this information assists you in moving up in the search ranks on sites like Google and makes it easier for your potential customers or clients to find you.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are the keywords you use on the back end of the site that may or may not use on the front end of the site. These might be words that don’t quite fit your site, but does suit your audience, or you could use the same keywords you use on the front end, just more. These are the words you use in your meta title and description.


Meta Title

The meta title is the extended page title that shows search engines additional information about the page as a header. This is great for pages such as “Contact” which can be given a meta title such as “Contact the team at Honey Pot Digital.”

Meta Description

The meta description is the back end page description that allows Google and other search engines to read a fuller description of the page’s purpose, which doesn’t show on the front end. This is a great place to use keywords, but limit it to a few sentences.

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Once you make changes to your meta information, it does take time for those changes to reflect on the search engines, as they don’t check your site every day. At the beginning of your site being set up, platforms that you have a presence on will show first, for example, LinkedIn or Facebook, as they have a better ranking that your site.

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