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7 ways to repurpose your live videos

Live video is a great way to engage with your audience. But not everyone can catch it live, and even those who do may want to re-watch it later on.

Here are ways you could use those videos again:

1.     Upload them to your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, or your website. You can add the portrait video as a part of the image, supplementing it with examples, a title, or information as a background to make the video landscape.

2.     Cut the video into small, easily consumable pieces of content and share them on Instagram, Facebook, or on your website.

3.     Take the audio and share it as a podcast. You’ll reach people who mostly consume content on the go. Listeners could post questions in advance or ask them live and listen to the podcast for your answer later.

4.     If you have an online store, theme your videos around products, themes, or trends and use the content on your product pages to encourage sales. Use the parts of your video that relate to that exact product, rather than the whole video.

5.     Elaborate on the points, themes or products and services you covered in a blog post or article, and feature the video at the bottom of the post. You could even create a series from it

6.     Distribute them internally throughout your business as educational content. The other staff members might find them insightful, but couldn’t watch live. It’s also an opportunity for staff from other departments to understand what other departments do.

7.     Any questions your receive live can always be used as market research and inspiration for content, products or tactics, use that information to fuel new content, marketing and strategy.

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