Plotting the Course: Navigating new marketing hires

Season 3

Episode 24

December 22, 2023

Working with people isn’t just about hiring the right person. You still need to manage the project and collaborate to get the most out of your investment. Just because something is a project, doesn’t mean you should just get it ticked off and done. You’ve invested in your business and you should get what you’ve paid for, and yes we want to enjoy working with people, but the people pleasing needs to be dialled in right. This is the third and final episode in a series about hiring and managing your marketing hires. Outsourcing of marketing isn’t always super simple, but these episodes are here to give you a starting point to get you maybe halfway through figuring out how to make this work for you. This episode is particularly around managing those hires. I talk a little about the basics of delegating tasks, gaining trust on both sides, but also ways to empower and grow the relationship even further, and how to adapt the role over time.

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