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The podcast is focused on conversations with business owners about how they have grown their business, through the lens of marketing.

We often chat about what you have done in the past that worked really well and people connected to, or maybe didn’t work so well, and how you kept at it and got into a groove if you’re feeling in one.

If you are open to speaking to a specific part of marketing you work in, it’ll be around who its right for, and a little about how you do the work.

The audience are business owners who want to hear how others have found success in business and marketing.

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Meet your host, Emma

I'm a marketing strategist and coach who works with small businesses all over the world from my base in New Zealand.

On this podcast, I love having chats with business owners and marketing managers about their work to share their business with their target audience.

Everyone has their own approach that works for them, and this variety helps listeners to be inspired to consider what could be best for them.

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Apply to be a podcast guest

Step One: Apply

Complete the form below to apply to be a guest on the show. I select guests based on their business type (to make sure we have a range of businesses on the show) and the potential topics we can discuss, so please be specific.

Step Two: Chat

We'll start with a short Zoom chat to get to know each other, and discuss more of the potential topics we could cover on the show. This helps us focus on the stories and lessons that could have the biggest impact for the listeners.

Step Three: Book

Once confirmed you'll receive an email with a form for your media content and a release, and a calendar booking link to pick a time that suits you.

Step Four: Record

We'll record for about an hour on Riverside which will capture video and audio, with a 30 minute buffer booked into our recording time, just in case. I'll edit the show for brevity and publish it to each of the common podcast platforms.

Step Five: Share

After the show launches, I'll provide you with links and images to help you share the episode with your audience.

Note: Filling out this application does not guarantee a spot on the podcast. If I feel like your topic would be a good fit for my audience, I will reach out to you, and may hold your information for a future season.

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