Our Favourite tools

Squarespace | Our Favourite Website Tool


This very website is built using Squarespace. Whether you are a tech-savvy internet nerd, or you're running a brick and mortar business, who is about to dip their toe in the online world, you'll be able to design a website with Squarespace, it's THAT EASY. It's template offering and drag and drop platform just makes building pages, and editing the design of your website so simple.

If you choose to go with it, use the code GIMME10 to get 10% off your first purchase of a domain or website plan.

ConvertKit | Our Favourite Email Tool


ConvertKit allows you to tag your subscribers based on actions they take, freebies they request, or links they click. This means that when sending an email, you could send it only to people who clicked a link in an email you sent three weeks ago. Your subscribers aren't on "lists", so you pay once for that user to be stored in ConvertKit, not once for every list they're on. It's interface is easy to navigate, quick to make edits in, and there is always a resource for anything you'd like to do with it.

We currently use ConvertKit to send weekly newsletters, deliver freebies, tag our subscribers with certain activities and ultimately, to convert our readers. It works in seamlessly with Squarespace, Interact, and our plans for the future.

We are ConvertKit affiliates, so the link below is an affiliate link, but we love this system, which has allowed us to streamline our email processes, exactly as we want to. We wouldn't be telling you about it otherwise.

Planoly | Our Favourite Instagram Scheduling Tool


Planoly is our Instagram scheduling tool of choice. You upload your content, then drag and drop it into the calendar, scripting your caption and scheduling it for later, allowing you to get back to doing the work. Planoly can push live any scheduled posts for you, meaning you don't have to click through from a notification like so many other options. You'll get a notification to let you know its already done instead, so you can jump on and engage if you want to.

Planoly allows for photos and videos for the feed, and also for Stories. You'll still have to click through from a notification to post your Stories, but most other tools don't even allow you to schedule those.

Planoly does also offer a free plan, which does not allow auto-posting, but does allow you to use it's planning, grid preview and scheduling tools, so you'll need to use the notification to copy your content to Instagram.


Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram. It has some built in tools that are especially useful to us, such as SmartLoop, which allows us to create a loop of content that will be submitted to certain boards. This allows our Pinterest to stay regular and helpful to our followers, with minimal effort by us. Tailwind is designed for anyone who uses Pinterest, and wants to grow a following, or share their content consistently, you don’t have to be a business to use the tool.

Tailwind also provides us with useful analytics and the tools to figure out what our audience wants more of.

Interact | Our Favourite Quiz Tool

Interact Quiz Builder

Interact is a quiz, poll and giveaway tool which allows you to gather leads, while you give useful information to your users. We use the quiz tool to help our readers make decisions by answering a series of questions, which in turn gives them their result.

You can build Assessment, Scored or Personality quizzes. It allows for question and answer photos, multi-select answers, branching logic, multiple results, seamless redirection to an external results page, and seamless integration with a multitude of other programmes, including ConvertKit.

Canva | Our Favourite Cloud Design Tool


Canva is a brilliant cloud based image and document building tool. You can use it to build social media images or banners, video thumbnails, documents, or even presentation slides. Using it's templates, layouts, design elements, and text tools, you can build dynamic and eye-catching imagery for your business, or just for fun. There are paid elements within it, but there is a lot you can do with just its free functions. 

Trello | Our Favourite Productivity Tool


We use Trello to plan, stay productive on a daily basis, and to reflect on our goals and progress.

Trello is a tool which allow users to create boards for specific topics, then lists within those boards and each item is its own card, where calendars, checklist, due dates and extra info can be added. We find it is great for mapping out just as you might in your head, all of the important information you need for your business, your projects, and your general to do list. It can also be used to keep your home life in order and you can share boards if you want to.

Trello's free plan allows you to use most of its features, with one "power-up" per board, which includes Calendars, Slack or Google Drive, but with the paid version, Trello Gold, you can up to 3 power-ups to each of your boards.

GSuite | Our Favourite All-in-One Cloud based tool

G Suite

We love using Google Docs and Sheets everyday for all the documents we need on hand, shared files, all the time, plus anything we'd want to have access to if our computers failed. Which, when it boils down to it is a lot of stuff, almost everything.

GCal is available on so many devices and integrates with so many tools, that it is generally the best online calendar tool, even if you don't use Gmail. It syncs with everything, and can even be integrated to calendar booking tools, like Calendly to book appointments with clients.

If you're using shared Docs and Sheets, and need to store images and other files too, Google Drive is a great space for cloud storage.

While you can use these tools for free, your space is limited, but if you upgrade to the paid version, you'll also get a branded email address too.

Get 20% off your first year of either the GSuite Basic Plan (using the code: RCYKKXDCN6UVDDX) or the Business Plan (using the code: RCEH9NGKTALYW6P)

Dropbox | Our Favourite File Storage Tool


Dropbox is a cloud based storage tool, which can be accessed on a number of different devices. We find it's great for storing files for easy access, and often share folders with clients, for better access during projects.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can set your camera roll to auto-save to Dropbox so you can be sure you won't ever lose your photos.

Loom. | Our Favourite Screen Recording Tool


Loom is a cloud based software that can record your screen, you, or your screen and you, you can also have the mic on or off. You have the option of recording your whole desktop, or just a page in your browser. Loom is currently a Chrome plugin, but a desktop version is due out soon.

Loom is a brilliant tool for walking someone through a software on your computer, or for creating a video to use in a webinar or other video project. We use it to create walk through videos for clients and courses, and also internally to record how we do tasks, so that they can be easily handed off if need be. Because Loom is cloud based, you can download your videos as and when you need them.