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Before we worked on Sarah's strategy, she shared that she "had zero strategy and was wasting so much time posting with no goals or markers to consider." Sarah was rarely posting, and felt like when she was, that it was not making an impact, and wasn't drawing in quite the right audience.

This feeling is somewhat common for business owners, and impacts how and what they share, and how their potential clients and customers are able to connect with them.

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Services Included

  • Social Media Strategy Day

Project Details

Sarah chose to focus on her Instagram and LinkedIn profiles in a Social Media Strategy Day.

During this Strategy Day, we:

  • defined the purpose and position of social media in the wider marketing plan
  • completed a social media audit
  • refined the target audience
  • went through a mindset and time review
  • set goals for the near future
  • defined the key messages to be delivered across social media
  • defined the content pillars that will fill the content calendar
  • created a bespoke prompt list for each content pillar
  • defined the differences and similarities in the approach to Instagram and LinkedIn
  • set calls to action and caption templates to not start from zero every time
  • covered the tools Sarah can use to manage and schedule her content
  • built a content calendar together for the following month to bring everything together into the final form

Sarah said that "seeing a month's worth of social strategy come together in one session was HUGELY helpful and gave me the mindset that I can do this on my own... I felt that I was getting well researched information and you met me in where I was without judgement."

The Strategy Day process creates a framework for the client to go back to over time, where the fundamentals are set in place, but there is also a malleable process that can be reused whenever the platform or the audience shifts.

"This Strategy Day gave me the tools to create future monthly social media strategies for my brand.

The experience was solid. I felt that I was getting well researched information and you met me in where I was without judgement.

I have LOVED having all the materials from our days neatly organized into one folder that I can go back and reference. It's the gift that keeps on giving."

Sarah Flood-Baumann

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