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I worked with Danielle to create a new sales page for her website, and deliver more regular newsletters to her existing subscribers, including potential and past clients.

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Services Included

  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing

Project Details

Danielle is also a boudoir photographer, so just a note that some content on her site may be NSFW. The content I wrote for her for the Headshots & Branding page is certainly browse-able in an office, but you may like to keep this in mind as you browse.

I worked with Danielle to be sure she was conveying the benefits and the process of her Headshot and Branding offerings, without overloading her potential clients with the details and we found a great balance. The content then invites people to get in touch where they can find out the particular details.

Through her email newsletters, we worked to create new templates and a communication style where Danielle could be personable and conversational with her subscribers.

"I already had over 10 responses to my email this morning! Yay! That never happens. Just wanted to say thank you again and send you a quick note of excitement"


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