Stock imagery for your blog or business

When you don't have the time or budget to create a full suite of imagery for your website, emails, ads and social media posts, stock imagery can be a great alternative.

In some instances, you'll be required to pay for photos, in others you will need to give credit to the photographer, and in others you can use the photos without providing any credit, although it is always encouraged.

When choosing stock imagery, you can stick to a theme. That can be a colour scheme, a certain type of photo, or you can use background and edit in your products. If you keep the photos reasonably consistent, the photos will begin to match your brand and show it off.

Here are some places to get great stock images: 

Free options

Contacting a photographer directly and coming to a contra agreement, to provide credit for a packet of photos

Paid options

Stock That Rocks
iStock by Getty Images
Adobe Stock
Big Stock
Creative Market
Contacting a photographer  directly and coming to a paid agreement for a pack of their stock style photos

Use these photos to create content for all of your platforms, to give a visual representation of your brand, business services or products. Add them to your repertoir, but since they aren't yours, make your words shine through. When you have the time or money to take photos or have some taken for you, you'll have a better idea of exactly what you are lookin for, since you'll be quite used to the imagery you have and what you have been unable to find for the perfect fit.

There are also times when you shouldn't use stock imagery. If you are not skilled at editing your product into a photo, it will stick out like a sore thumb. In this instance, you are much better off to create your own product imagery.