York Template Family

Squarespace template navigation style

This template uses horizontal navigation in the header, which allows for Main Navigation and Secondary Navigation.

Squarespace template page style

This template allows for an page-specific header section, in addition to the site-wide header.

Squarespace template blog style

These templates use a List or Grid Blog page style, with the ability to change between the two.

These templates also have customisable blog post share buttons.

Squarespace template shop style

The Brine templates have the extra features of the Advanced Product Pages. This includes image zoom, quick view, customisable product item share buttons and breadcrumb navigation.

Your product photos will show as either stacked or as a slideshow, with hover zoom available.

Squarespace template mobile style

The shopping cart displays in the navigation menu.

Folders drop down within the navigation menu.

Squarespace template pages style

This template is the only one which supports the Project Page.  The Project Page is a custom gallery view, designed for making elegant portfolio layouts. Use the Project Page to create layouts that mix text and imagery in eye-catching ways.

This template family includes the ability to use the Index Page, in grid style.     

These templates use a Slideshow or Grid Gallery page style, with the ability to change between the two.