We offer our clients a range of services to build their online presence, and better serve their audience. This includes web design, and search engine optimisation, to social media management, and ads. Our core focus behind each service is a clear and documented strategy, so we are all on the same page and headed in one cohesive direction.


Digital Marketing Strategy

We take your business goals, brand and voice and compile a comprehensive strategy with achievable actions to increase the reach and sales in your business. We'll delve into the nitty gritty on the changes that should to be made, any content that should be created, and any work that needs to be done going forward to implement your new strategy.

You can then use this strategy within your business to guide your short term and long term planning, and all of your online execution. Along the way, opportunities might come up, or new options come on the scene, but you can always go back to that written strategy, and check in.

Website Design

We create beautiful, functional and effective websites for our clients that embody the brand’s personality and purpose as well as their products and services. We specialise in Squarespace websites that are simple for the client to be able to edit themselves going forward in case they have a menu, services, product or staff change.

For our clients who wish to have a more bespoke, custom coded site, we work with our partners, to create the perfect solution, where we lead the strategy and project management of the site, while our partners design, develop and code.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the set of tactics you use across your webiste and online presence to better rank when your potential customers head to Google or another search engine for information. We help your business get closer to the top of the search, based on what your ideal customers and clients are searching for.

We can create Google address and meta information, recommend keywords to use on your website and throughout your content online, and create content to increase your rank on Google and other popular search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the perfect place to share a peak behind the curtain into your business and show off what you have going on, but it's also a great place to interact with your audience. We can help take the pressure off, and work with you to put your business out there.

Whether Instagram and Pinterest are the perfect fit, or LinkedIn is what you need, we can assist or manage this for you. We can create content, plan campaigns, engage with your community, gather your community’s feedback and provide reporting. We can provide an end to end management or just a piece of the puzzle.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is not for every business. If it is a suitable avenue for your business, a clear purpose and goal for each ad, and a clear path to conversion must be created before any advertising is put out. Advertising content is equally as important as the form of delivery and needs to match up, so that the audience has the right reaction to the ad and are most likely to click through.

We create ads through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords, as well as influencer marketing content.

Ecommerce management

Whether you have one product for sale, or thousands, we can support you in launching your site or improving your online sales offering.

We can work with you to make changes to your website, your site map, product pages, checkout page and process and all other aspects of your eCommerce site. We can create campaigns, promotions, collections and content to establish your brand and increase your sales. We are experienced with Magento, BigCommerce, Squarespace and Shopify.

Email Marketing

We help our clients to create, curate and cultivate their email newsletter list. We send emails to our client’s lists for promotion, engagement, or education. These emails are based solely on the goals of the business, as well as the tone and imagery that suits the brand personality perfectly. Emails, either solo or a sequence, can be triggered by an event or transaction, or be a weekly newsletter or regular promotional emails.

We also assist with building lists, in testing and tweaking opt-ins and incentives, and also managing your list, to make sure you aren’t paying for inactive subscribers.

Online Content Creation

We create a variety of content for our clients including blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions for online stores, newsletters, video, photography and infographics.

This content is created to embody the brand personality, by combining the tone of voice, messaging and imagery that is aligned with the business specifically. Content can be for fun, educational, informative, or motivational, depending on the fit of the brand. 

Online Community Management

Building a community around your brand can have a great positive effect for both your business and your community members. To do this in the right way, to best serve your audience, and to communicate with them well, it is best to have a clear strategy in mind for your community.

With a larger community, comes a level of moderation that may be something you'd prefer to outsource. Publishing content for or inside your community can keep your community members engaged, interested and connected to your brand.


This package is great for amplifying your website, sharing it across Google search results and social media.

If a website isn’t in your budget right now, you can still make it easier for people to find you using these tools.

This includes Google My Business setup and optimisation, Facebook page setup and optimisation and Instagram profile setup.