Wexley Template

Squarespace template navigation style

This template uses horizontal navigation in the header.

Squarespace template page style

This template allows for a page-specific header section, in addition to the site-wide header.

Squarespace template blog style

This template uses the List style blog page.

Promoted Blocks show above the title on Blog Page and posts.

The Wexley template supports a sidebar on both Blog Pages and individual posts. If your site has multiple Blog Pages, the same sidebar content displays on all of them.

Squarespace template shop style

This template may not be recommended if you are going to have a shop, because it does not allow for product categories. This means you cannot break down products into art/t-shirts/shorts/pants/shoes categories, so users will only be able to shop by looking at everything. However, if this isn't needed, this template does still support a shop.

This template uses the Classic Product Page style so does not have any special features available.

The product images in your product item pages will show as a slideshow.

Squarespace template mobile style

Sidebar content displays beneath page content on mobile.

Squarespace template pages style

This template includes a grid style gallery page, with a lightbox slideshow, allowing you to create an adaptive mosaic of images and videos.

Wexley Squarespace template