Trémont Template Family

Squarespace template Navigation style

This template family allows for horizontal navigation in the header.

Squarespace template page style

If you add a tag line, it displays next to the site title or logo.

These templates includes the ability to add full bleed banners to pages, and add banners behind the header.

This template family allows for page overlays to add semi-transparent overlay colours to your site, and customise them with blend modes.

When enabled, the footer appears on all pages, except Index Pages, at site width.

Squarespace template Blog style

These templates use a List or Grid Blog page style, with the ability to change between the two.

These templates also have customisable blog post share buttons.

Squarespace template Shop style

These templates have the extra features of the Advanced Product Pages. This includes image zoom, quick view, customisable product item share buttons and breadcrumb navigation.

Squarespace template Mobile style

The website will show the burger menu style on all smaller devices, including mobile.

Squarespace template pages style

The Gallery Page on these templates is unique, you can choose from three layouts to give your pages special flair. 

  • The horizontal style displays images two to a row.

  • The stacked style stacks images vertically, one image per row. All images display full-bleed.

  • The masonry style displays images in two columns. Mixing up images with different heights creates a staggered effect that gives it the look of a mosaic.

For any layout style, use the Spacing tweak to add or reduce space between each image.

The image title and description text can display over each image in your gallery. In the Stacked layout, they can display below the images.

Clickthrough URLs allow you to turn any image in the gallery into a link to an external page, internal page, or file.

The Index Page creates an interactive portfolio with large-scale images, each linking to a page on your site. Users navigate through the slideshow by hovering over the page links, or scroll through the pages automatically on a timer.


This template family includes 5 templates to choose from. We recommend you pick the one closest to your desired end result, since they all have the same abilities.