Supply Template

Squarespace template navigation style

Supply uses a vertical navigation panel, which includes site title or logo, the main navigation and secondary navigation, and shows the social icons. Folder sublinks can either display on click or always show, and will do the same on mobile.

Squarespace template page style

The website tagline shows below the logo.

The thumbnails for certain pages become a banner image on the right side, showing at length down the page. These sections do not support video.

Supply supports a footer on all pages, except Gallery Pages.

Squarespace template Blog style

This template uses the List style blog page.

Excerpts display with a Read More link. 

On the blog landing page, the Blog Page thumbnail creates a vertical banner image. Post thumbnails don't display.

On individual blog posts, post thumbnails create a vertical banner image. If there isn't a post thumbnail, no banner appears. Navigation for previous and next posts displays below the comments. 

Squarespace template Shop style

Supply has a unique product page style. It has the features of a classic product page, but also has the ability to edit the product photo aspect ratio, edit the product column width, edit the product gutter, and edit the shop landing page background colour. You will also be able to customise the hover behaviour, with four options to choose from.

All product images appear stacked on the item page.

This template allows for shop category navigation to display filters for the different categories at the top of the page.

Squarespace template Mobile style

The tagline doesn’t display in mobile.

On mobile Gallery Pages, the page title and description displays at the top. The page title and description displays at the top. Image captions display below their images.

Squarespace template pages style

The Index Page in Supply creates a visual navigation with a grid of thumbnail images linking to pages within your site. This is a great option for a homepage.

It is possible to change the background colour for Index Pages. 

The Gallery Page shows as stacked images. Gallery images stack to the left of the page title at a fixed width. The images scroll vertically. The page title and description displays on the right over the background colour.

On hover, a + button appears over images that have an image title or description. Click the button to display the image information as an overlay. Clickthrough URLs appear in the image description overlay as a text link to the URL.  The + button becomes an x, which hides the image overlay when clicked.