The Adirondack template features Main Navigation, folder navigation, product category navigation, and footer navigation, giving you fine-tuned control over your visitor’s journey through your site. An information link is also featured in the header.

It features list blog style and the classic product page style, where images will show as a slideshow.

This template offers a Slideshow or Grid Gallery page style, with the ability to change between the two.

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We love working with our website clients to collaborate on their final design. You know your brand the best, you live in it every day, so it's our job to bring that brand to life on the web. We add our strategic view to build the website to increase conversion, but your brand personality needs to come across too, so that users engage with your products and services better. 

If you're wondering how we go about this, we work with our clients up front, to decide on the layout, and design elements. We also collate a gallery of your imagery before we start building the website. The visual elements, teamed with the copy, and navigation style for the website allows us to get stuck in and our first draft is generally very close to the final design.

We save you the time of learning the platform, we build it for you, and then give you all the tools you need to be able to edit your website whenever you please in the future.