Skye Template Family

Squarespace template navigation style

Skye templates use a burger menu style. By default, as you scroll down, the header remains as a fixed transparent overlay over your site’s content.

When you click the icon, it opens an overlay and shows your navigation links.  This area supports links, text, images, and more. On the right is an optional section called the sidetray. This is a great place to add useful information and set the tone for your site. You can also add content below the navigation links.

There is also extra navigation in the footer.

Squarespace template page style

These templates allow for content inset, a feature which helps your content stand out. Regular Pages, blog posts, and footers allow this feature. You can use the content inset to add white space margins on the sides of all your page content, or to create layouts where you mix site-wide blocks and indented blocks to add visual interest.

Squarespace template blog style

Skye templates use a Grid style Blog Page layout, with infinite scroll. If you choose to use thumbnail images, this is perfect view for a photography based blog, such as fashion, beauty or travel. This section can be either an even grid, or display as a mosaic.

These templates also include a sidebar which can show on all blog posts.

You will have the ability to customise your share buttons.

Each contributing author has a profile which can show on each of their posts. This is perfect for a blog with multiple authors, or guest authors.

This template includes related posts at the bottom of each blog post. These are automatically generated, related to the blog post they are under.

Squarespace template shop style

The Skye templates have the extra features of the Advanced Product Pages. This includes image zoom, quick view, customisable product item share buttons and breadcrumb navigation.

Your product photos will show as either stacked or as a slideshow, with hover zoom available.

Squarespace template mobile style

On mobile, the navigation, search icon, and shopping cart display at the bottom in a navigation bar. Social icons display as a three dot “more” icon. The navigation, social icons, and search display as an overlay when tapped.

Sidebar content displays beneath the page content on mobile. 

Squarespace template pages style

These templates use a Slideshow or Grid Gallery page style, with the ability to change between the two.


This template family includes 5 templates to choose from. We recommend we pick the one closest to your desired end result, since they all have the same abilities.