Flatiron Template

Squarespace template Menu styles

This template uses horizontal navigation in the header.

Folder menus drop down on hover. Clicking the folder title opens the first page in the folder, except on mobile.

Squarespace template Page styles

This template supports a header that can remain fixed at the top of the browser as you scroll down the page.

This template includes a 2 column footer, on desktop, the left side is a left-aligned content area, and the right has right-aligned social icons.

It also supports a pop-up footer, where you can set your footer to automatically hide until visitors hover over the bottom of the browser.

Squarespace template Blog style

This template uses the List style blog page.

Promoted Blocks show in excerpts.

Squarespace template Shop style

These templates uses the Classic Product Page style so does not have any special features available.

The product images in your product item pages will show as a slideshow.

Squarespace template Mobile style

On mobile, the footer is centred, with the social icons above the content area.

When tapped, the navigation appears as an overlay.Folders expand when tapped.

Squarespace template Pages style

This template includes the ability to use the Index Page, in stacked style.

This template includes a Carousel style Gallery Page.