Five Template

Squarespace template Menu style

This template has a horizontal navigation, in the header.

Squarespace template Page style

This template allows for a customised header and/or footer on each page.

This template includes the ability to add banners to pages, as well as the ability to have a sitewide banner art the top of every page.

This template supports up to two sidebars on every page. The content for each of the two sidebars will be the same throughout the site. However, on each page, you can customise how many sidebars display and where they’re located.  Sidebar content populates in search results, even if the sidebars are hidden. Sidebar 1 content displays on the checkout page.

Squarespace template Blog style

This template uses the List style blog page.

Blog post thumbnails show in excerpt on the Blog Page.

Squarespace template Shop style

This template uses the Classic Product Page style so does not have any special features available.

The product images in your product item pages will show as a slideshow.

Squarespace template Mobile style

Sidebar content displays beneath page content on mobile. 

On a smartphone, the navigation displays as a ☰ icon. When you tap the menu icon, your navigation links expand below the site title.

Squarespace template Pages style

This template uses a Slideshow or Grid Gallery page style, with the ability to change between the two.