The Design You Podcast Community Strategy

Tobi engaged Emma to create a community strategy for her podcast’s free Facebook group.

At the time, the podcast had been running for almost a year, and Tobi had recently added the community element using Facebook Groups, to better engage with users, and answer questions they might have as a result f listening to the podcast. While Tobi had set up the group and some people had found it she hadn’t yet started to promote it fully.

The strategy created included how to promote the community, both organically and through paid avenues as well as the potential online audience targeting options, the structure the application questions, possible ways to invite people in so they participate positively, ways to engage people in the group, and opportunities to present information usefully to members through the various tabs and features of Facebook Groups. A additional purpose of the group is to encourage those who want further coaching to join Tobi’s group coaching program, so this was another element of the strategy to allow her to draw a line of when to be of service, and when to recommend the person joins the coaching program to work on their pain points further.