Work With Passion

When you are looking into a new project, and it's the end of the day but you just can't stop yourself, that's your passion. There will always be parts of any job or business that you don't like, whether that’s emails, mail, administration, or payroll. Unless you can outsource that or give that responsibility to someone else for a reasonable price that your business can afford, you'll just have to keep doing those.

But then there'll be the things you don't want to stop doing. Like looking into a new platform for eCommerce and the thought of testing a platform to its limits and not stopping til it breaks keeps you up at night and you just want to keep going til it's right, that's your passion.  Keep note when this happens for you. Keep note when you see this happens for your staff.

Encourage that growth, both in yourself and others. You will get the most out of yourself and others if you are passionate about what you do. Not everyone likes figuring out an eCommerce platform. Not everyone likes finding new ways to capitalise on the new Instagram algorithm. But when you see that passion in yourself, or you find the person who loves to do that, capture it, hone it, use it, to your benefit and theirs.

You can meet with your staff on a regular basis and discuss how they can become more passionate about their job by making changes. Just make sure you both put the effort in to making those changes go ahead. This is no different from doing this for yourself, except that you might need a sounding board to talk it through with and there won’t be an employer checking in on you.

Capitilise on your passions, use the added drive and get things moving in the best way. You’ll thank yourself for it later.