Using Social Media with your Squarespace website

Social media integrations across Squarespace are pretty widespread. The platform allows you to put your social media links on any page, allows you to connect accounts so they can be used across the site, and for any platforms that don’t have a built in integration, there’s always the embed and code blocks.

Connected Accounts

You can connect a whole lot of social media accounts to Squarespace. In some templates, these will show in the header or footer. This is what is in the header of our website. When clicked, these icons link through to your profile on that platform.

Social Links

This is a block that you can add to any page of your website, which shows off these icons. Again, when clicked, these icons link through to your profile on that platform. You can customise this a little, just by picking the size of the icons, and the colour and format of them.

Platform Specific Blocks

Some social media platforms have their own blocks which can be added to any page. These include Twitter, Foursquare Swarm, RSS, 500px, Instagram, Flickr and SoundCloud. These blocks pull through information from the social media platform and allow for a few design options. The blocks are designed like other Squarespace blocks, so look like part of the website, rather than a separate piece of content, slapped onto the page, since the design options do allow for the content to suit your website design, rather than the platform’s website. One of the most often used blocks, is Instagram. The block pulls through your latest Instagram content, and updates whenever you add a new post. You can customise how many images show, and the gaps in between images. This is what that one looks like:

Embed Block

Facebook doesn’t have a social block in Squarespace. However, the Facebook platform does allow you to create an embed of a Page, using this page of their website. You can then add the embed code using the Embed Block on any page of your website.

By using these content blocks across your website, you can defer your website visitors to your social media accounts, in the hopes they will follow you and engage with you there. This is generally something users will do when finished on your website, but by making sure they are visible, it allows them to take a next step.


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