Managing your Instagram with Planoly

Using a content management software to plan your Instagram can seem a little counter intuitive. Instagram is meant to be the platform that you, as a human, must post to, so it can seem a little off to plan and schedule content on this platform. However, if you're running a brand or business, it's so easy to be three days down the track and realise you haven't posted at all to your Instagram.

Managing your Instagram with Planoly | Honey Pot Digital

Scheduling allows you to concentrate more on the work, and less on your Instagram profile. In a way, it takes the stress off, but also means you'll take it a whole lot less personally if you have slower growth for a week out of the blue. With a scheduled content plan, you can very easily post something in the moment, and either push back another scheduled post, or simply post an extra time that day. A scheduled plan also allows you to be more engaged in Stories and Live instead.

Planoly is an amazing software to schedule your content. You can plan normal posts, multi-photo posts, video, Stories, Hashtags and Location, so it truly allows you to plan almost everything you can add via Instagram too. If you are simply planning, and not have auto-schedule on, you can edit the photo and the caption in the moment when you follow through from that notification on your phone. Planoly allows you to be incredibly hands on, throughout the whole process.

User friendliness

Planoly is a drag and drop platform, so it's super easy to upload and plan posts. You can plan posts from either your desktop or your Apple or Android phone too, which isn't something that all other software allows for. We find that it's a pretty self explanatory software to use, with the buttons doing what they say. Planoly also have a lot of video guides and blog posts on how to use their software, so if you were to have a question about how to do something, you could easily find the answer online. 


From the first paid plan, you are able to upload and post an unlimited number of posts to one account. For the further plans, you're adding on more accounts to post to, and now, auto-schedule too. As is often the case with software, if you pay for the year in advance, you'll save a bit of money too. There's also a free plan if you want to sign up and give it a go, which allows up to 15 uploads per month.

Hashtag Manager

You can set up various sets of hashtags for your posts through Planoly's Hashtag Manager. If you were say, a fashion boutique, you might have the following sets: boutique related, tops, pants, skirts, winter style, summer style. These sets might have a few in each, and depending on the photo you are posting, you can add a few sets to the post to mix and match. This saves you from starting from scratch, or cherry-picking for every post one by one.

Managing your Instagram with Planoly | Honey Pot Digital


Planoly's Discover section is perfect for businesses that share photos originally posted by their customers. This can be used to re-post scheduled and add captions too, which both thanks the people who posted about you, and motivates people to post about you in turn. If you are the type of business that your customers or clients post about you on Instagram, using a hashtag or a tag, check this out.


By using Planoly, you can get some added Analytics, similiar to that of Instagram Analytics with a Business Account. These include follower gain count for that period, the top liked and top commented for the week, month, year or a specific date period.

Comment Inbox

The Comment Inbox allows you to manage and reply to all of your comments posted on your posts. This is helpful if you don't enjoy doing this on your phone, or there is a team of people managing these comments on multiple devices within your business. Direct messages aren't currently supported, so these can only be managed on the app.


Planoly offers an upgrade that allows you to make all of your Instagram posts shoppable. To save your followers having to go to your website, then find the right product, they can instead click the link in your bio, and look through at the images with your products in them and click through to your website. If this isn't something you want to pay extra for, or you have quite a few products featured in your posts, you could create a page on your website instead, Planoly just manages this for you to save you time.


Business Accounts can now auto-schedule

Instagram now allows it's Partners to create a true automatic schedule to their Instagram Profile. Of those few Partners, Planoly is still, by a long shot, our favourite option. Your profile does need to be a Business Account for this to work for you.

Cons of auto-schedule

You can't add the hashtags in the first comment. This doesn't affect your strategy whatsoever, it just looks a lot tidier. It's something we've gotten used to, but will move on quickly from. You also can't edit your photo during the posting process, so the photo has to be exactly what you want to go live, and meet Planoly's size requirements too.

Here is a list of things you can't schedule yet:

  • Stories
  • Multi-Image Posts
  • Videos
  • Drafts
  • Locations
  • User Tags
  • Shopping Tags
  • Branded Content Tag
  • Filters

If you were in need of scheduling Stories, it will simply send you the notification to follow up through instead, to post the pic you've saved in Planoly. If you were to post any of these, and wanted to plan, you'd still have to copy and post it yourself.

Managing your Instagram with Planoly | Honey Pot Digital

How we schedule:

1. Edit a number of photo to be square and on our theme of bright and warm.

2. Upload the photos to Planoly

3. Schedule each of the posts, dragging the photo to the day, picking a time to go live, writing the caption, and adding the hashtags, using the Hashtag Groups option

4. Check the layout of these photos as they would show in the grid. We only change the order of the pics we share if one above or next to another will make them look a bit merged in the grid. This is also where you can spot if you've forgotten to edit a photo, say if it's unintentionally dark in contrast to the other photos or something like that.


Already on Planoly and want to turn auto-schedule on?

On desktop, head to the burger menu on the top right hand side, then navigate to My Profile. Scroll down to Managed Accounts and click auto post on the related profile.


*Links within this post include affiliate links, this does not add to the price of your purchase, but we do earn a small referral discount. No matter what, we wouldn't recommend a software we didn't LOVE.