How to setup your Facebook ad audiences

To create these audiences, you’ll need to set up your Facebook Business Manager account, and your Facebook Pixel, so check out those blog posts if you don’t already have those set up.

To create your audiences, you’ll need to head over to your Facebook Business Manager Account, and under Assets is Audiences. Choose Create Audience to get started.

Custom audiences are based on actions people have taken, whether they’ve visited a page on your website, engaged with your Facebook page or instagram profile or are on an email list of yours. There are a few more options for these, and Facebook is adding and tweaking these often.

Your saved audiences are those solely targeted off demographics. You pick the location, age, gender, hobbies and their connection to your page too. 

Your lookalike audiences are those that are very similar to other people who have converted on your site, whatever that conversion is. You can then pick some things they must have in common, e. A child of a certain age in your particular Ad you run later.

When setting up a custom audience, you’ll first choose your type:

Create a Custom Facebook Audience

Within each of these you’ll just choose your options to set it up, and name them, quite simple. Let’s look at the Website Traffic option:

Website Traffic Ad Audience

This audience can either include people who have met any of the setting’s requirements, or that they must meet All settings. You can choose whether to include people who have viewed any page, a particular page, visitors by time spent, or if they have triggered an event on your website. These are available in the dropdown. You can then choose a time period, and name your audience. To Include More People or Exclude People, use those add ons in the middle. This just refines people more.

To setup a Lookalike Audience, you need to choose a source, or create a new one. Then you’ll refine by location, and pick a percentage as to how far away from the original person these other people are:

Lookalike Audiences

For your Saved Audiences, you have loads of options. You can choose to adjust custom audiences here too, and refine them by these targeting options, so you can double whammy this if you want.

Saved Facebook Audience

When it comes to location, you can pick to target everyone in the location, everyone who lives in the location, people who were recently in this location, or those that are known to be traveling in the location. Then you can choose a country or region, or get really specific and key in a location and pick a radius.

When you’re picking age, you can’t target anyone under 18, and 65+ is as specific as it gets.

You can then pick a gender or all to be included, and choose your languages if you want.

In the detailed targeting, get searching. If it’s available it will come up.You can also use the Browse option to click through the dropdowns to give you ideas. Income is something that can be targeted by in the US, but cannot be done in other areas. These might be demographics, industries, employers, interests and behaviours. You can pick that people must meet one of the criteria, all of them, or one of these plus one of these, or exclude certain ones too. You can get incredibly specific.

Now that you know how, go out and setup a whole bunch of Audiences, ready to run your Ads. Not sure what types of Ads you should be running, check out our blog post about all the ad types you can run on Facebook.