How to setup Facebook Business Manager

The Sidebar

The Sidebar

To setup your Facebook Business Manager go to and create an account. This will set up your account for you, but you’ll also need to go to your Business settings and prep the account.

In the menu, under Settings is Business Settings. Set your primary page and all add your Business information in.

In the left hand sidebar, go to Pages, and make sure your page is there. If you own multiple page and want them all in there, add those too. Next go to Ad Account in the sidebar, and create one for your Ads too.

Your are then able to add your bank card when viewing your Ad Account section, on the top left hand side, choose the dropdown arrow and pick View Payment Methods. When this page opens for you pick Add Payment Method.

Add your bank card

Add your bank card

It’s really that simple. You’re all set now for running your own accounts. To set up the Pixel, find out more in this blog post here.

You can add a staff member to your account through People in the sidebar, and click add, then invite the person using their email. This will give them either Employee access to the items they are allocated to or all content, depending on what option you choose.

To add a Partner to your account, if you’re hiring an agency, head to Partners and choose Add and give a partner access. You’ll need their Business ID to do this. Then allocate them to everything you’ve set up.

Business ID

You can find the business ID back on the Business Settings page near the top.

And you’re done. Add the pixel following the instructions over here, and you’ll be off running.