How to choose the right Squarespace template

The first step in building your Squarespace website is to choose a template. You need one to start your site, but you’re presented with an overwhelming amount of options, with no way to compare but to look at them, one by one. There are a few categories to choose from to give you a little direction, but realistically any template can be used for most types of business, and can include a blog, navigation, gallery, or online store, so you don’t need to be defined by your industry.

To slice through that overwhelm and help you make a quick, yet educated decision, we’ve laid out how to choose your template, complete with a quiz to help you make that final decision.


Step 1: Have a sense of what you’re looking for

Whether you have another website in mind, or if you’ve pinned designs on Pinterest, it’s good to have a general idea of what you want. The only way you’ll be able to choose between two templates is to know why you want one functionality, and maybe not another. 

Once you’ve set up your website, you can change templates, but if you change to a template without a certain functionality you have in place, that piece of your website will turn off, so in an ideal world, you’ll want to stay with your chosen one for the future.

Understanding the possible functions of Squarespace templates is key. This will generally involve having a chunk of your content ready, including a collection of images, and a clear objective for each page, so you know what will be the focus and functionality of that page will be.

Here are some features you might want:

Template families are a group of templates that have the exact same capability, but are laid out in a variety of ways to show off the capabilities differently, and give you different starting points. As one example, the Brine Template Family has 45 active templates. By choosing a template family from the mix, you can choose based on functionality, then choose the design you’d like to start with within that family.


Step 2: Know your limits

Are you going to stick to the template, and just change out the content for your own? Or will you completely change pages, using only the header and footer, and creating new designs yourself?

If you’ll only change out the content for your own, make sure the site is exactly what you want, as is. Squarespace is super user friendly, but if you don’t have the time or desire to change it, start with one you love, as is, all or nothing.

If you will be changing most of the content, and you’re only worried about functionality, try not to get too focused on the exact template preview look, and concentrate on whether it can bend to what you want.

Step 3: Take a quiz

If you’re doing some DIY in your design, choose a template based off its capability. We’ve done all the work for you, researching all of the current template families, and building the logic behind the quiz to give you the most educated answer possible.

The quiz takes you through a series of questions, until you’re down to a few options to pick from, or you’ve answered all the questions possible. Your result will help lay out each of your options, so you can make a decision and move on to creating your content.