Contributors vs Authors for your Squarespace Website

Often, building and managing a website longterm isn't a one person job. Rather than sharing your login, Squarespace allows you to add contributors and authors to your website, to both limit and track people's ability to add, or change content and settings.

These details can be edited in Settings > Permissions.


Contributors are people who can make certain adjustments to your website, whether that be an all access pass, or limited access. Your options are:

  • Administrator - full access to everything

  • Content Editor - can edit content, but not settings

  • Billing - lets users update the credit card information only

  • Reporting - only gives the user access to the analytics

  • Comment Moderator - can edit comments and make comments on your site

  • Trusted Commenter - bypass the comment moderation

  • Store manager - can all store content

You can use this feature to add the relevant access to your website, such as giving your accounts person access to just your billing, so they can't get curious and start fiddling with something. Your Squarespace plan may limit how many contributors you can have.

Alternatively, when the time comes to make another person the owner of the website, this can be done in the same place, by adding a Contributor as ad Administrator, and transferring the ownership to them.


If your website features a Blog of some description, you may like to have a number of people who contribute to that blog, posting their own blog posts, and having their own Author profile. This could be staff, guest posters, or community members who have contributed content for a blog purpose.

This profile includes a photo, their name, website, and a bio section. 

Using this feature allows you to credit the people who contribute content to your blog. This then incentivises this, and gives those authors a reason to share this content on their social and sharing platforms.



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