A rundown on all the ad types you can run on Facebook

You’ll run each of ads in the Ads Manager section of your Facebook Business Manager account. If you don’t have an account already, need to set up a Facebook Pixel or need to built out Ad Audiences first, head to those blog posts, action those, then come back to go through these.

It’s important to run the right types of ads, so you can market to people in the right way, and move them closer to a purchase. You can run ads on their own, or as a series of touch points to re-engage your target audience.

Awareness Ads

These are the ads through which the goal is to raise awareness and visibility for your brand or business.

Brand Awareness ads aim to reach the people more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase awareness for your brand. This is the type of ads where they aim to build people’s recollection of you, so you might have had a quiz come through asking if you remember seeing an ad in the past week. You’ve probably seen one of these ads, or they were testing you.

Reach ads simply show your ad to the most people possible. You can still add targeting, but it shows the ad to as many people, not those who are most likely to click through or anything, so choose your ad content wisely. This might be the type of ads you’re most familiar with if you have boosted in the past.

Consideration Ads

These are the ads which help people consider you as a business they want to work with, buy from or support.

Traffic ads send more people to a “destination” either on or off Facebook including a website or app or might trying to get them to start a Messenger conversation with you. Generally you’d want the main message to be delivered at that destination, but the ad would try to hook them in.

Engagement ads try to get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can be either comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims. You can choose between post engagement, page likes and event responses when you set up the ad. If you’ve just launched your page, the page likes one will be a good start, but get your targeting right so Facebook knows who your people are based on those who end up liking you.

App Install ads send people to the app store where they can download your app. This isn’t going to be for everyone obviously, but if you have a loyalty or shopping app, here’s one for you.

Video ads are set up to promote videos. Pretty plain and simple. The idea is that you show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to hook people in, but any video which would be eye-catching or delivers a clear message would be great. Know that a large volume of people might listen with the sound off, so to get bang for your buck, either make it possible to watch without sound, or add subtitles.

Lead generation ads aim to collect lead information from people interested in your business, through a form, those who click on these ads fill out their info which is sent to you. Yes this could be used to grow your email list or find new clients, but honestly, this ad should be used as part of a process, not a one off ad, unless it’s a giveaway, because you want a high likelihood people will sign up.

Messages ads try to get more people to have conversations with your business in Messenger or WhatsApp so you can have a conversation with people. Know that WhatsApp is encrypted, Messenger is not, so be careful how much private or confidential information is shared before you take this to a call or email. Maybe don’t ask for people’s credit card info.

Sales Goal Ads

These are the ads which ultimately drive people towards making a purchase. These might be ads you target to those who have had some form of interaction with you before.

Conversion ads are very handy. They try to get people to take “valuable” actions on your website, app or in Messenger, so that would be something that directly translates to a sale or gets them about one step away. This is one where you have to use the Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions, because otherwise the add platform wouldn’t be able to tell what was working and optimise itself, but also you wouldn’t be able to work out if the Facebook ad was working or if that was your some other ads working, which is very important.

Catalog sales ads are ones where your Facebook shop catalogue items are used to promote a sale. These have to be physical products, that can be shipped. Facebook also has other rules around making claims for health reasons and all sorts of things. They also have to be purchasable from a URL off facebook so maybe Etsy  or your own store.

Store traffic ads are for physical location stores, so brick and mortar. The idea is to show off the physical location of your store so people can find you, but also show off what they’d see or get by being there. You’d try to target people close by, but if you have multiple locations, it’s simple to target close to each place.

I hope this rundown has give you the information you need to pick which ads you want to run soon, whether on their own, or as a series to follow up with the same people over time who take a further interest.

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