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Managing your Instagram with Planoly

Using a content management software to plan your Instagram can seem a little counter intuitive. Instagram is meant to be the platform that you, as a human, must post to, so it can seem a little off to plan and schedule content on this platform. However, if you're running a brand or business, it's so easy to be three days down the track and realise you haven't posted at all to your Instagram.

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3 Snapchat features you can use to benefit your business

Snapchat is a great tool for businesses with an active following or community Its also a great platform to foster a community, you'll just need to let people know about it elsewhere since its not so easy for people to find you. While Snapchat adds new features constantly, not all are great for business since the platform is mostly geared towards peer to peer communication and sharing. However, here are three features which could be used for a business account...

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