3 Snapchat features you can use to benefit your business

Snapchat is a great tool for businesses with an active following or community Its also a great platform to foster a community, you'll just need to let people know about it elsewhere since its not so easy for people to find you. While Snapchat adds new features constantly, not all are great for business since the platform is mostly geared towards peer to peer communication and sharing. However, here are three features which could be used for a business account...

Snap Maps Snapchat

Snap Maps

To use Snap Maps, pinch on the camera screen to load maps and set yourself up, then select the cog in the top right hand corner to edit your visibility.

While this feature might be great for a personal account where only your close friends are following you, it's just a little creepy if anyone can see exactly where you are. People can see down to street view of where you were last online, so as a business with a wider range of followers, you'll need to be more careful. By selecting specific people, you can pick which friends can view where you are, so you can limit your visibility to those who you actually wouldn't mind seeing you like your partner or best friend. For business, you'd be best to have it either on so everyone can see, or on Ghost Mode.

Reasons you might want to use this for your business

  • Checking in while at events and conferences, whether they are hosted by you or if you are attending.
  • In your office or shop to promote where you are based at your brick and mortar locations (doesn't quite work the same if you work from home).
  • Promote to your customers to check in while at your venue and share where they are, and offer a discount or other benefits to those who do.
  •  On location for photography or video shoots (unless its somewhere you want to keep to yourself).
  • On a team outing, where you wouldn't mind people knowing where you've been.
  • As you leave a place you've just visited that you're happy to show off.

If you turn Snap Maps on for an event or in the office, make sure you turn it off before you go home or your clients or customers will know where you live if you are active in any way. Same goes for visiting anywhere top secret, like a potential client.

Paper clip link option

Share your most recent links on Snapchat using the paper clip link feature. Whether that's a product you just bought, or a piece of content you just created for your business, you can now link any snap to any link on your clipboard. You can also type the link if you can't copy it on your phone for any reason. You can use the option when taking any photo, or video, either to send to a specific person or to add to your Story.

Reasons you might want to use this for your business

  • Add your content and products you'd like to feature organically in between other traditional Snapchat content to seamlessly provide benefits and offer opportunities to sign up for more within the same platform.
  • Share any content you create across one more platform to reach a different part of your target market.
  • Share content on a platform that shows content to viewers by most recent and not by an algorithm.
Group Stores Snapchat

Group Stories 

Set up a story that multiple people can add to using Group Stories. This is a popular feature for birthdays and weddings, but it can be used by businesses and for personal use as well. You can limit who can add to it by either Geofence + friends or extend to friends of friends, or you can choose specific people who are your friends to add and view the Story. 

The Group Story will disappear after 24 hours passes without someone adding to the story, so you can either make a game of keeping it going, or end it after an agreed amount of time. If you have limited it by Geofence, you won't be able to add to it unless at that location, so it will end 24 hours after your event, or the last person has left.

Reasons you might want to use this for your business

  • As a party or event planner, you may create this on behalf of your client, or help your client to set this up, so that their guests can add to their Group Story. You would do this using their login, but set it up for them or help them to do it as their guests likely won't follow your Snapchat. Their friends could add to it, limited by either Geofence or just who they invited, then their friends and friends of friends (or a select few) could view.
  • As a business owner, you may create a business story that customers who follow you can add to, either while visiting a specific location, or from anywhere.

  • As a major event organiser, you may set this up so that people visiting your event, such as a festival or conference, could add to the Story, limiting by Geofence, (or choosing specific people who can add to it and then only allowing friends/followers to view).

  • As part of a launch day or as a regular thing, you could invite your customers to contribute while visiting your new store or restaurant or other physical location, limiting by Geofence to those who visited the new location and follow you.


Limitations of Group Stories

  • You can only set the Geofence by address, not coordinates, and it gives about a block radius, so it isn't very precise.
  • If you want to add a Geofence you can't also add specific friends only.
  • If you do use a Geofence, friends can only add while at the location, not while getting ready, on their way, or once they leave the radius.
  • If you pick specific friends to add, Snapchat doesn't currently allow friends of friends to view the story, only specific friends the Story owner also chooses on another list from their followers.
  • If someone, like a customer, was to add something you didn't approve of, you couldn't delete it, you can only delete the whole story, or ask them to remove it.
  • Group Stories cannot currently show on the Discover page publicly, only content featured by Snapchat appears there.


Test out these features for your own business and experiment with how you can use them as part of your digital content strategy.