Bedford Template Family

Squarespace template Menu style

These templates have horizontal navigation, in the header, and extra navigation in the footer, which shows between the pre-footer and footer along with Business Information.

Every page added to a folder appears as a link in a sidebar navigation.

Pages within an Index display as sidebar navigation in the same way, but only if you go to the direct URL for the individual page. The navigation won’t show when viewing the Index Page itself.

Squarespace template Pages

These templates allow you to add banners to pages, and add banners behind the header.

You can create a slideshow banner at the top of a Regular Page by adding a Slideshow Gallery Block as the first block on the page. Slideshow banners will override page thumbnail banners.

Squarespace template Blog style

These templates use the List style blog page.

Bedford templates include a sidebar on both Blog Pages and individual posts.

Your Blog Page thumbnail shows as a banner on the Blog Page.

Your Blog Post thumbnails show as a banner in the Blog Post.

Squarespace template Shop style

These templates uses the Classic Product Page style so does not have any special features available.

The product images in your product item pages will show as a slideshow.

A sidebar navigation appears on Products Pages, displaying links to the different product categories. Clicking one of these links filters out every product except the ones in that category.

Squarespace template Mobile style

Logos are visible on mobile view.

All sidebar content displays below page content on mobile. 

A "Back to Top" button is included in the footer on mobile.

Footers that show business information display an Email link, instead of a full email address. 

Images on grid Gallery Pages will be stacked on a smartphone. Slideshow Gallery Pages have one main image with adjustable navigation elements below it.

Squarespace template Pages style

These templates include stacked Index Pages.

These templates use a Slideshow or Grid Gallery page style, with the ability to change between the two.


There are four templates in this family, but when it all boils down to it, they have the same functionality. Choose the one that is closest to what you'd like the end result to look like.