Adirondack template

Squarespace template Menu style

This template has a horizontal navigation, in the header.

There is also extra navigation in the footer, which is great for adding a Privacy Policy or FAQ page navigation.

Adirondack features Main Navigation, folder navigation, product category navigation, and footer navigation, giving you fine-tuned control over your visitor’s journey through your site. Category navigation displays as a Filter link, which drops down when tapped.

Squarespace template Pages

This template allows banners on pages. Regular, Event, Blog, Album, and Products Pages can display banner images or videos above the page content. 

Adirondack’s page banners and headers both respond to scrolling. As the visitor scrolls, the page banner fades away, and the header shrinks to an unobtrusive bar.

An information link can display on the right side of the header, creating a contact, location, or search drop-down below the header on click. Clicking the X icon collapses the drop-down.

This template has a two column footer.

Squarespace template Blog features

This template uses the List style blog page.

This template doesn't offer special blog features.

Squarespace template Shop features

This template uses the Classic Product Page style so does not have any special features available.

The product images in your product item pages will show as a slideshow.

Squarespace template Mobile features

On mobile, the navigation displays as a menu icon. When tapped, the navigation appears as an overlay. Folders display with a + symbol and drop down when tapped.

The logo doesn't display. The site title displays instead.

Header banners don't fade on scroll on mobile devices.

Squarespace template page features

These templates use a Slideshow or Grid Gallery page style, with the ability to change between the two.