90 Days of Content

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Plan 90 days of content in one small time block.

It will likely take you under 2 hours to plan everything for the next quarter, but you’re welcome to pause or replay the video as you please. The time it takes will also depend on how much content you plan to share.

Hi there!

I’m Emma, digital marketing strategist and lover of keeping it super simple.

You love what you do and your clients and customers love it too, so let’s show that off to more people!

Digital marketing is a set of building blocks, so all we need to do is build brick by brick, a big block for your website, and then little blocks of social media, email, SEO and more, so let’s break it down and start with a clear mind, and a clean slate.

The Agenda

- Your target audience and what they need this quarter
- Your calls to action
- Your content pillars
- Big content pieces (blogs, podcasts and videos)
- Small content pieces (social media posts)
- Bite-sized content pieces (Stories)
- Email marketing
- How and when advertising fits into your plan
- Scheduling and choosing where to share

Plan 90 days of content in one session

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